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Christian Christmas Music

Music is indelibly linked with Christmas. Can you think of a single Christmas where you did not hear at least the faint strains of ‘Silent Night’ or ‘ Jingle Bells’ even if you were hiding in a mountain in Tora Bora. Christmas music, particularly Christmas carols are popular all over the world. Many Christian artists have sung and recorded numerous Christmas albums over the year. It would be impossible to narrow down on a best of Christian Christmas music list because it is all so good and truly, music for the ears.
Perhaps the most famous of all Christmas music would be the Christmas hymns and Christmas carols. Many of these carols tell the tale of Baby Jesus and lead up to his death on the cross. The perfect Christian Christmas song should be able to evoke all the emotions that one associates with Christmas, that of love, charity, honor, festive cheer and above all sacrifice for the betterment of fellow beings. Lets take a look at some of the greatest Christian Christmas music.

Away In a Manger
This delightful carol is so haunting that one cannot help but get carried away in its melodious tune. The carol narrates the tale of Baby Jesus who was born in a shed and even though his parents couldn’t afford to give him a crib or any other comforts a baby rightfully deserves, the little lord entered the world silently and serenely and not once shed a tear out of discomfort. Upon hearing about Jesus’ élan at that tender age, it is easy to forget one’s petty miseries and focus on the true sentiment of the festival, which is to celebrate the birth of the greatest man to have ever walked the earth.

Little Donkey
Another wonderful Christmas carol that rightfully deserves its spot on the best of Christian Christmas music. This song is being sung to the donkey who carried Mary while they made their journey to that little shed where the lord was born. The song is a motivation for the donkey to trod forward with his ‘load’ as the load that he carries is really the lord himself. And even though the road is dusty and the donkey is no doubt tired, he must get Mary to the shed for then he can rest and receive the blessings of God.

There are many songs like the two mentioned above that capture perfectly the essence of Christmas. Most of the Christian Christmas music is derived from the stories in the Bible and is often known as Gospel Christmas music as well.
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