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Christmas in Australia

Christmas traditions followed in Australia are much the same as those in Britian and North America, the only difference is that Christmas falls during the height of the summer in Australia, with temperatures rising up to around 30 degrees Celsius. However, that makes very little difference to the winter iconography of Western Christmas, like the fur coated Santa Claus riding a sleigh, Jingle Bells and scenes of a snow covered Christmas on Christmas cards and decorations. The result is often amusing since it is actually summer and snow is out of the question.
Christmas Traditions in Australia
Unlike in Britian, Christmas Day is not spent watching television. This is so in Britian because it is too cold to step out, however since its summer in Australia, people donít much care to sit at home and watch television. Most television channels in Australia do not bother with any official television ratings over the summer instead choosing to repeat shows because nobody is going to be watching television anyways. There are of course those who air Christmas specials but unlike in Britain, these aren't on Christmas day but in early December.

Like in other western countries, the tradition of Santa Claus is religiously followed. Children are told that Father Christmas will visit their house on Christmas Eve and leave gifts for kids under the Christmas tree , and sweets in the stockings which are generally hung up near the fireplace.

A Christmas tradition that started in Melbourne in 1938 and has since spread around the world is Carols by Candlelight, where people gather, usually outdoors, to sing Christmas carols by candlelight on Christmas Eve or other evening shortly before Christmas. A beautiful congregation as everybody holds out a candle and illuminates the night sky like a million bright stars descending upon the earth. In fact this is a rather popular Christmas tradition and in the lead up to Christmas is replicated in Sydney.

Christmas Meal
At first the tradition in Australia was for the entire family to gather together for a Christmas meal in manner of similar English tradition. The meal served was the usual Roast Turkey, ham, mince pies and Christmas pudding. Lately however, people have realized that such food is unsuitable for the hot weather and it has been replaced by lighter meats like seafood or a leisurely bar-be-cue. Christmas pudding is still a favorite though and they usually have some small favor hidden in it. Whosoever finds the elusive favor is said to be blessed with a great year ahead. It is quiet a favored custom of the meal.

For the international tourists too some events are organized so that they do not miss their families too much and completely soak in the great culture. The Bondi Beach Santa Surfing gimmick is quiet a crowd pleaser as is the rather popular Turkey bar-be-cue.

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