Friendship Poems Cards

Send your wishes and beautiful thoughts to your friends with these beautiful Friendship poem cards and make your friend feel special.

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  • When I Cry-

    When I cry
    My friend looks at my eye
    And tells me everything is all right
    Even when we fight
    My friend doesn't count my mistakes
    He knows errors are what human often makes
    Through thick and things always true
    Friends forever me and you.
    Unknown Author

  • God Made Me -

    God made me and frowned
    He wondered whom to send down
    To be my friend
    A relation that will never end
    The search was over when I found you
    I thank God with a heart so true
    Unknown Author

  • A True Friend -

    A true friend will know your thoughts even before you speak them out,
    A true friend will embrace your sorrow and help you overcome every doubt.
    True friends are the biggest treasures and most adorable souls,
    Behind every victory of your life, they have a great role.
    Unknown Author

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