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Home » About Friendship » True Friends

True Friends

  • "Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends" ~ Mary Catherwood ~

    We all have a lot of friends, but do we have that true blue friend?
    Do we have a friend to whom we can say anything to, whether it always makes sense or not?

    True friendship is something very special. The ones who are fortunate enough to have a true friend know how spectacular it is. When we were children we used to write essays describing our true friends.

    The descriptions were mostly of the person sitting beside us or someone who gave us a tempting chocolate on that day! However as we have grown up we have seen the meaning of friendship change and develop before our eyes. If we were to describe a true friend now, it would probably be someone who we think of as our best friend.
    This true friend is someone who occupies a permanent space in our hearts.

  • The depth and degree of this friendship does not change with number of meetings or gifts exchanged.

  • The bond shared between true best friends is a very strong bond of love. This bond may never break in the toughest of situations, yet sometimes a small gust of wind can sever these ties, making them seem as fragile as silk threads.

    "In friendship I early was taught to believe; . . . . I have found that a friend may profess, yet deceive." These are the views of Lord Byron, and this is what can break a true friendship.

  • Deceit and dishonesty are the elements that can shatter the purest of friendships. This is something we must always remember, as there is no actual need to lie to true friends. The truest of friends will always love you for what you are.
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