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Home » About Friendship » Love And Friendship » Friendship Songs

Friendship Songs

Friendship songs are the best way to pay tribute to the dear friend in your life. Singers and poets, down the ages, have composed beautiful songs on friendship. The best way to make your friend feel happy and special on this Friendship Day is by singing a friendship song to him/her. If you can play the guitar, try strumming its wire to complement the lyrics. It is the most special thing you can do to say thank you to that person who has cared to be with you always.
There are some beautiful friendship songs by the most eminent singers. Some of the noteworthy friendship songs are as follows:
  • Mariah Carey's - Anytime You Need a Friend
  • The Tweenies' - Best Friends
  • Tracy Lawrence's - Find Out who your Friends are
  • The Carpenter's - Good Friends Are For Keeps
  • Michael Jackson's - Just Good Friends
  • The Rembrant's - I'll Be There For You
  • Rod Stewart's - That's What Friends Are For
  • Randy Newman's - You've Got a Friend in Me
It's not only in English, beautiful friendship songs are found in every language. Every individual has some friendship songs associated with their school days and college days. Usually for college reunions old friendship songs are played to renew the memories of the old days.

However one does not have to be a creative artist to write beautiful friendship songs. Even you can write your own friendship song and dedicate it to your friend. If you have problems deciding on the tune, then sing the words to the tune of your favorite nursery rhyme.
Your friend will like it still, as long as it is composed by you. If you want to read more about friendship, has arranged for more articles for your reading pleasure.
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