Friendship Messages

Friendship Messages highlight the friendship that exists between you and your friend. They should actually be full of positive things about your friendship with that person. Your friends will actually appreciate the text messages and value your thoughts about them. Make your friend feel extra-special and strengthen your bonding with him/her by sending these messages -

A friend always helps you see the good in yourself. I trust you to do the same.

  • We too get every damn party going. Thanks for being my friend buddy!

  • Men, Movies and Music hmm.. that is what connects us, right?

  • Having a friend like you is a pleasure indeed. I am happy that I can call you one.

  • I may not always say just how much I care but know it in your heart that I値l always be there.

  • friends are good or, they are bad but they sure make you smile when you are sad.

  • God first created humans and then he created friends so that we never feel lonely.

  • A friend always helps you see the good in yourself. I trust you to do the same.

  • Hearts may break love may elude but a friend is forever loving and cute.

  • Friendship is like a fresh rose, its fragrance lingers through out your life and keeps you fresh.

  • A friend remains a friend no matter how badly they fight. I know you値l always be there for me. Thank you for being my friend.

  • True friends are like pearls rare and precious!

  • friends are your harshest critics, ardent followers, compassionate guides, and, forever yours.

  • Friendship is a gift that money can稚 buy. It is a blessing that only the fortunate have. I am lucky to have a friend like you.

  • Friendship is like grass. It might not be as tall as a tree but the roots go deep.

  • Friends are like money easy to earn but difficult to keep.

  • Thank you my friend for sharing all that is happy and nice with me.

  • A smile comes to my lips and my days become brighter when I知 with you.

  • I can be myself when I知 with you and do all the crazy things I always wanted to. Thank you my friend for keeping the child alive in me.

  • A small 蘇i can brighten up a day, take away all your pain and fill your heart with happiness. Hi buddy!

  • You, my friend, are sweet as chocolate cuddly like a teddy and, intoxicating like wine I知 happy that you池e mine.

  • Finding a true friend in life is no coincidence. It requires great patience and practice to build a relationship that痴 based purely on trust and mutual respect.

  • A friend is like a mirror he cries when you cry and smiles when you池e happy.

  • I want to say thank you, my friend. Hope you never get bored of my friendship.

  • Friendship is the first wireless ever invented. It directly connects one heart with another.

  • Friendship is priceless, preserve it with utmost care.