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Best Friend

  • One can very confidently say that he who has found a best friend in life has found the rarest treasure in this world. Well says an anonymous poet- "Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say."

    In our everyday life we get to know so many people. Some of them become close friend. But there is a subtle difference between close friends and best friends. Friends are ones that support you in your work and help you when you make a mistake.But best friends will never let you to commit that mistake. They are like the superego in all of us. A true friend will never let you go wrong.
    Trust is the most important link amongst best friends. Helen Keller had once said that she preferred walking in the dark with a friend rather than walking alone in light.
    Best friends show us the correct path when we are lost, laugh with us when we are happy and cry even when we try to hide our tears. However very paradoxically, it's not always that human beings can be best friends only. Animals can be very loyal friends sometimes. Some people claim that their pet dog is their best friend.

    Many social communities have best friends clubs which forwards emotional help to adolescents needing it.

    Such clubs have volunteers who listen to emotional problems, hold awareness programs and also provide counseling whenever necessary. No one is perfect in this world. Everyone needs help and support.
  • This is the reason why God has sent us friends. Best friends are so precious that a single article cannot do justice to the topic. So there are many more articles on friendship in only for you.

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