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Types of Purple Flowers

Dgreetings Fragrance Flowers Types Of Flower Type of Purple Flowers

Purple is one of the most popular flower color in the world and various types of purple flowers are seen everywhere. These countless purple flowers not only adorn the countryside and the valleys but also beautify your garden. The purple flowers come in shades, deep purple or light purple. Such is the variety and vastness of purple flowers.

Of the many type of purple flowers, a Greater Knapweed and Centaurea scabiosa are famous. This purple flower belongs to the daisy Asteraceae family. These flowers are native to the British Isles and have a very wild look which makes them stand apart from other colorful flowers in the garden.
  • Next in the list of type of purple flowers, is Basil Thyme, Clinopodium acinos, which are native to the British Isles. These wild flowers belong to the family of Dead-nettle family. These purple flowers have bright deep purple petals with white spots inside. They look attractive amidst other flowers in the garden and are sure to attract your guest's attention.

    Another type of purple flower having a native British Isles origin is Foxglove, Digitalis purpurea. These purple flowers belong to the Figwort family. These flowers have longitudinal structure and even have dark spots within that enhance the beauty of the flower to a great extent. They bloom in a group and looks beautiful together. It is for this combined beauty of purple flowers that they are also used as wedding flowers.

    Other type of purple flowers includes:
    • Carduus nutans
    • Dactylorhiza praetermissa
    • Cirsium vulgare
    • Campanula portenschlagiana
    • Bergenia crassifolia
    • Cercis siliquastrum
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