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Tattoos are your personal style statement; you can conquer the attention of the masses by flaunting a tattoo. However,a second thought before deciding upon a particular symbol for tattoo is required as these tattoos are going to be with you forever. Flowers are the most popular symbol in the business of tattoo making. Not only because flowers have bright colorful petals and beautiful looks, but also because they carry a symbolical meaning with them. Each flower has a different meaning of its own so each flower tattoo would have a different flower tattoo meaning. Like our lives, flowers too have a fixed period of life on this earth; they bloom and then fade away into the lap of nature, into an eternity which we do not know of. Flower tattoos therefore represent a whole life circle; and what better objects of nature to have on yourself than these wonderful creations.
  • A rose tattoo signifies a meaning of pure love and conveys your love for the special person of your life. No doubt therefore, that a rose flower tattoo would mostly be seen adorning the hands of lovers.

    A lotus flower tattoo in the east carries the same meaning as the rose carries in the west. A lotus flower tattoo also means peace, enlightenment and hope for a good fortune. A tulip flower tattoo means passionate love, but for a shy girl, a violet tattoo may be just what she is looking for. Again an accacia flower when tattooed would spread the message of pure love and friendship. The Irish have a distinct flower of their own- Bells of Ireland - which is symbolic of pure luck and good fortune. The Irish just love to have the Bells of Ireland tattooed on their bodies.

    Thus, flowers, for their deep symbolical meanings are the best choice for tattoos. A flower tattoo is not just a showpiece on your body, it means something else as it holds a lot of emotions t. Each tattoo has an individual character of its own, each one special in its own sweet and colorful way. Lose yourself in the world of flower tattoos and come out refreshed and energized from the pages of

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