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Small Flower Tattoos

Dgreetings Fragrance Flowers Flower Tattoo Small Flower Tattoo

Flower motifs are universally preferred. Very rarely you will find someone who does not like flower motifs. Hence, small flower tattoo is popular amongst most people. Flowers symbolize life and beauty and to have them in tattoo form is really interesting. Nowadays with more advanced tools and methods of tattooing, small flower tattoo has become very popular. With the innovation of colored tattoo the designs are nearly lifelike and beautiful.

Every small flower tattoo expresses a lot about the person - his/her taste and attitude towards life. Therefore, most of the tattoo artists modify small flower tattoo designs to match the person's choice. Even heart symbols, nymphs, fairies and butterflies are added to the small flower tattoo designs to give it a touch of individuality.
  • Every flower has a meaning. So every small flower tattoo has a message to convey. Most people with small flower tattoo have a statement to make about life and they do it effectively through the language of tattoos. The meanings of some of the common small flower tattoos are as follows:
    • Hibiscus small flower tattoo is considered as a symbol of delicate beauty.
    • Lily is probably the most important among the small flower tattoo themes. Different lilies have different meanings. Yellow lilies signify flirtation and tiger lily carries with it a challenge to love. So only a bold person will dare to try the yellow lily or tiger lily. Calla lily stands for modest beauty.
    • Sunflower small flower tattoo stands for a complement - you are wonderful.
    • A chain of daisies stand for femininity and hence daisy small flower tattoo is widely used by ladies as designs for armband.
    • Rose is perhaps the most common theme of small flower tattoo. Different patterns of roses stand for love, passion, desire, faithfulness, charm and elegance.
    The small flower tattoo can have several exotic themes. For example, the Hawaiian blooms, mystery of orchids or rose vines. Small flower tattoo is the best way to look beautiful, at the same time trendy. If want to know more about tattoos, you can refer to other articles in

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