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Rose Flower Information

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Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet rightly says, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet". Such is the beauty and fragrance of rose, that it needs no name to express its presence. It is this ceaseless beauty of the flower of rose that has for years given inspiration to poets.

A rose flower comes from a flowering shrub of the genus Rosa. Most varieties of rose flower are seen in the temperate region of the earth. The name rose comes from the Latin word rosa. Most of the shrubs of a rose flower are deciduous, but there are some rare rose shrubs which are evergreen in nature, found mostly in south east Asia.
  • Thus, rose is not merely a flower but has a lot of symbolic meanings to it. A rose flower has a long historical relevance. It is the oldest and most popular symbol of love. The ancient Greeks and Romans worshiped rose; they identified rose with their goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus. Early Christians identified petals of rose flower with the wounds of Christ. Later, rose was identified with the Virgin Mary. A red rose is the symbol of the bloodshed of Christian martyrs.

    A rose flower is the symbol of England and the United States. Holding a red rose on hand symbolizes social democracy. It is the official symbol of the Irish and British Labor Parties as well as the Spanish Socialist Worker's Party. Portland, in Oregon district, United States, enjoys the nick name "city of roses".

    The art of giving symbolic flower meanings to various flowers started during the Victorian era. From then onwards, rose became the universal language of love. The various kinds of roses carry with them symbolical meanings. A red rose, obviously, symbolizes love, a pink rose symbolizes the graceful and gentle love and a light pink rose would symbolize admiration and sympathy. To know more about the exotic flowers, keep looking through the pages of

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