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Different Flowers and their Meanings

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Flowers have always been a medium of expression. Every flower has its unique meaning in different cultures. flowers are available in different colors and varieties of fragrances as well. However, every flower has its own meaning. We are often unaware of these different flower meanings.

This custom of giving different meaning to different flowers began in the Victorian period. Non reciprocated love finds its voice in the bright hues of Acacia, Pink Camellia and Daffodil. Reciprocated love is expressed by Ambrosia. The affirmation of love between the lover and the beloved is symbolized by the solid color of Carnation. But the negation or refusal to love is voiced by the striped Carnation.
Apart from these, there are flowers with different meanings. For example, the Cattail is a medium of expressing peace and prosperity. A happy domestic household is symbolized with Flax. A resignation or good-bye could be made more touching by giving a Cyclamen.

There can be various symbolical meanings of the same flower. They capture the meaning of various situations and represent them. A Fern indicates magic and a fascinating scene too. A Fern could also be used to wish confidence to someone. Wishes for a peaceful homely life can also be expressed by a Fern.

However, there are occasions when a flower brings in negative feelings, in spite of their good colorful looks. For example, the yellow Hyacinth means jealousy. Orange monk symbolizes deceit. The beauty of yellow rose may draw the attention of passers-by, but it actually means lessened love and even jealousy. flowers like Monkshood or Oleander typify caution. Thus, we see that flowers, though silent, have their own language of expression.

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