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Daisy Flower Meanings

Dgreetings Fragrance Flowers Flower Meanings Daisy Flower Meanings

Among the flower meanings daisy represents purity and innocence. The specialty of the daisy flower meanings is that there are no negative meanings to it. The meanings of daisy flower are all positive in nature. In the 17th century, Carolis Linnaeus gave daisy its unique name. There are various kinds of daisies found all over the world. Like, the

  • African Daisy
  • Common Daisy
  • Michaelmas Daisy
  • Painted Daisy
  • Painted Daisy
  • Marguerite Daisy
  • Crown Daisy or Garland Chrysanthemum
A daisy was often used by maidens to decorate their hair. A common daisy flower meaning is innocence. Devoid of any sin or guilt, daisy is the perfect symbol of innocence. Daisy is often used while confessing undying love. Though the use of flowers for proposing love may be ancient but daisy captures the language of love best with its silence. In earlier days a daisy from a maiden was an honorable gesture and an act of affection.
Close to innocence, a daisy also means purity. Though these daisy flower meanings are close to each other, they are not really similar. Innocence is not a guarantee for purity. A daisy can also be used by married woman and personify the purity that daisy symbolizes. Daisy is appropriate in capturing purity of the mind, heart and soul. Thus, daisy is the ultimate symbol of inner sanctity.

There are other daisy flower meanings too, which are not romantic in nature. A daisy hints at a wrapped up secret and even points at keeping it hidden. Thus, daisy symbolizes truth too. It stands for the concealed truth, away from everyone else's notice. When a daisy was given in public, it meant a transfer of secret from the giver to the receiver. The best information of flower meanings are all on the pages of, so keep going through its pages.

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