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Blue Flowers

Dgreetings Fragrance Flowers Exotic Flower Blue Flower

Blue has an essential peaceful and cool feeling in it. Earth is dominated by blue color, having th of its surface covered by water. Even the limitless sky takes blue color. It eases a tired mind and gives it a soothing comfort. On the other hand, all flowers have a very soothing quality in them. flowers offer a world of vibrant colors. With their bright colors and mesmerizing fragrance, flowers carry a different meaning of their own. Most flowers have symbolic meanings of their own. Thus, blue flowers would be a right combination of beauty and tranquility.

Symbolic flower meanings convey our feelings to our dear ones. They explain human feeling with their silence so well that no word can ever do. A blue flower symbolizes Romanticism. It stands for passionate love and desire. It is this modern sense of Romanticism that has influenced poets over ages to create masterpieces. Joseph Freiherr von Eichendor wrote the "Die blaue Blume" (The blue flower), after being inspired by a blue flower. Adelvert von Chamisso felt this Romantic passion in a blue flower.
  • Local bluish flowers, like Chicory or Cornflower, are often considered similar to a blue flower. The pigment that gives a flower its bluish color is generally absent in flowers. Thus, a flower of blue color can rarely be seen; what is seen mostly is purple or lilac. But, there are exceptions too. A blue iris is a rare variety of blue flower. It symbolizes a cherished friendship. Blue, as a color, seems cool and peaceful, and this quality is felt in a blue flower too. To know more about the exotic flowers, explore the pages of

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