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Home » Happy Father's Day » Dad! You are Important to Me  

Dad! You are Important to Me

What our fathers or dads mean to us, we can not express this particular feeling in words. Someone has rightly said that “if you honor your parents then you live a long life, full of blessing.” We perceive our father's as the most strong and powerful person, who always support us and shower unconditional love and affection over us. It is indeed true that when we find the whole world against us, father's always come up to protect us, to provide us encouragement. He is the ray of light in our lives, without his presence, life would be dark and intolerable. When we give up, he motivates and makes us feel that even we can win, we can make it.
“Dad! You are really important to me. I cannot express what is your position in my life. Let me tell you that you are my source of immense inspiration and courage. I adore you from the bottom of my heart, because you make me feel my true presence.” How many times did we express these lines or feelings to our fathers, I guess, not even a single time. So, let us not miss this opportunity of father's day to thank our fathers because whatever we are today, it is all because of him. In fact it is our duty to pay a tribute to our fathers on this father's day.
“Dad! You mean the whole world to me. I consider myself fortunate for having blessed with a father like you. I couldn't have asked for more. I know you are there to take care, for stopping me if I get diverted to a wrong path. You have never let me understood or feel how hard you work for fulfilling all our needs and wishes.” None of us want to miss the chance of father's day to apologize for whatever wrong we have done, for all our rude and rough behavior. It is our big mistake that sometimes we take our father's love and affection for granted and forget that without fathers we hardly have any presence. Fathers are a blessing of God and we must not disrespect him in any way. So, let us say 'Sorry' to our dads for all our misbehavior and seek their forgiveness on this father's day.
“Dad! You are special to me. You occupy the most significant place in my heart. There is a possibility that I may not find the right word for describing your importance. In fact, I won't be able to simply express what you mean to me in words. There is no such word in the whole world that can describe what you are to me. Dad! You mean a lot to me.” It is true that father's are generally less expressive, but he is the one who did huge sacrifices for shaping our lives. It is really difficult to say a simple 'Thank You' to our dads. There is no specific reason behind it. There are situations, when we really forget to hug our dads and say that how much we love him, because we take him for granted. But let us not miss the platform of father's day to tell him that “I love you Dad! I know I was rude but trust me I cannot survive without your love and support and actually without you!”
On this father's day, tell your father that you really love and care for his sentiments. “Dad! You mean everything to me and you are really very important to me.”
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