Father's Day History

In the recent times, Father's Day has come to be celebrated globally as an ideal day to portray love and esteem for one's father. A day to exhibit one's true feelings of thankfulness and awe for all that the fathers have done for us, Father's Day truly lends a helping hand in verbalizing our heartfelt feelings for that special angel in our lives. Well, the Father's Day is celebrated worldwide on the third Sunday in the month of June.

The Fathers Day history has both social as well as religious origins. As far as the religious aspect of Father's Day history is concerned it is celebrated on the Saint Joseph's Day as per the Roman Catholic tradition.

  • The Saint Joseph's Day is reserved for commemorating Saint Joseph, who is better known as Mary's husband and Jesus Christ's foster-father. 

  • As far as the social aspect of Father's Day history is concerned, Father's Day came to be celebrated as a national festival because of one woman who is given the credit for initiating the Father's Day celebrations in USA. Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd, who was an inhabitant of Spokane, Washington, greatly admired her father for all that he had done for his kids.

  • Her mother died at a very young age and thus her father had to single handedly raise six kids, which he did very effectively.

  • Mrs Dodd wanted to honor her dad in a special way and thought of the idea of a special Father's Day sermon especially for her father. As Mrs Dodd's father was born in the month of June, thus Father's Day came to be celebrated in the month of June.

  • Washington celebrated the first Father's Day on 19 June 1910. Many people including William Jennings Bryan approved of the Father's Day celebrations. About eight years later Calvin Coolidge gave the green light to Father's Day as a national holiday. 

  • Since then Father's Day is celebrated as a national festival on the third Sunday of June. In the year 1926, a National Father's Day committee was formed in the city of New York. In the year 1966, Lyndon Johnson gave an official status to the Father's Day. 

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