Friends Sorry Cards

Sorry Cards- the perfect way to say someone that you are truly sorry. Choose from these Sorry ecards to say I m Sorry to someone. Send these free Greeting Cards to let the other person know that you truly meant it.

  • Sorry  Card
    My friend, I tell you SORRY from my heart..
  • I am so sorry
    Please accept my deepest apologies ..

  • Sorry  Card
    I was rude...
    I am truly sorry...
  • I am sorry..
    I am sorry! Are we still Friends ..

  • Sorry  Card
    Heartfelt Apology...
    Tell sorry and become friend again by sending this card.
  • My Best Friend
    Say sorry to someone you hurt through this card.

  • Sorry  Card
    oops! It was a hard blow
    Tell sorryto your friend ...
  • Sorry Friend Messages

    I am sorry ! Are we still Friends ? Pleaseee :-(
    I was rude.. I was insensitive but now I am truly sorry.. Please forgive me
    Please accept my deepest apologies from the bottom of my heart. I know my words were hurtful. You have been a good friend to me and I promise that it won't happen again.
    My friend, I tell you sorry from my heart.
    You are my best friend, so close to my heart. Its painful to have misunderstanding with you. I'm sorry for what I did. Let me make it up to you.