Easter Story

A short prayer in the name of Jesus - "Dear God, thank You that You sent Your Son, Jesus, to die for our sins. Thank You that He arose from the dead and is now living; and because He lives, we can have eternal life. In Jesus' name. Amen." Jesus is risen!

Jesus is alive! On Easter remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ did to redeem us all from our sins.

Read the Easter story to all your friends, family and dear ones and celebrate the resurrection of the 'Son of God' from his tomb, three days after he was buried.

  • Inspire all you know and love with this wonderful Easter Story which tells us about the betrayal, trail, crucifixion and resurrection of the holy soul.

  • You can also read Easter stories on Calvary, Nicodemus, Easter eggs, Mary Magdalene, Golgotha, Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Week and many more.

  • In spring, the earth seems to be born again after a long winter, adorning a bright green dress with splashes of lively colors here and there. It is a time to celebrate.

  • Easter can trace its roots to such springtime festivities. Many symbols of Easter such as Easter eggand the Easter bunny have Pagan origins, nothing at all to do with Christianity. Children should be told the Easter story in interesting ways, so that they can learn good things from the Easter story and be inspired by it.

  • Animated Easter stories are good for attracting the attention of children as they have a very low attention span. An interactive Easter story can be really engaging for children as well as adults. You can find such Easter stories on the internet. 

  • Some of the popular Easter stories are "Easter Island" by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen and 'The Story of Easter' by Christopher Doyle.

  • The Story of the Easter Bunny' by Katherine Tegen narrates in a convincing manner, the fascinating legend behind a rabbit becoming the Easter Bunny.

The fanciful details of these Easter stories, with rhyming text and simple illustrations combined with a gentle introduction to the biblical story of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, makes it more captivating to the readers.

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