Religious Easter Decorations

Even though Easter is basically a spring festival, for Christians it has strong religious significance. Easter is celebrated in memory of resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. Religious decorations are, therefore, an integral part of Easter celebrations. On Easter, it is complete fun and joy for the children. Painting and decorating Easter eggs, listening to stories of the Easter bunny, hunting eggs on Easter Sunday, decorating the house with religious Easter decorations and a whole lot of fun with friends and dear ones make up a typical Easter that all kids love.

Here are some interesting ideas that are sure to make your religious Easter decorations full of life

  • Easter cutouts with religious themes

    Such religious Easter cutouts will add a touch of color and meaning to your wonderful Easter decorations.

  • Colors

    Bright hues of pink, blue, yellow, and green in pastel shades make your religious Easter decorations livelier, reminding of the spring season at every moment.

  • Cross

    You can make a religious Easter decoration by creating a centerpiece with a tabletop cross and fresh flowers. You can even hang a cross on the wall in the form of a plaque and decorate it with green leaves and lovely flowers.

  • Biblical reference

    Your religious Easter decorations may even consist of references to the bible such as pictures of the last supper or the Crucifixion.

  • Easter trees

    Like in Christmas, trees are also decorated during Easter. This custom comes from the German tradition of decorating trees with eggs on Easter.Traditionally, branches of trees were put in vases and colored or painted eggs were hung on them. Nowadays, many people hang Easter eggs on trees in front of their homes bringing in the flavor of Easter.

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