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Handmade Easter Basket

Wow!!!! Easter is around the corner. So, wake up your dormant soul and get ready to create some amazing handmade Easter basket. Dgreetings gives us some craft ideas on how to make Handmade Easter Baskets. So, settle in and read for fun.
Easter can basket

Method: First cut the can in half with the knife. Next, assess the diameter and height of the can half with a measuring tape. Cut the wrapping paper 1" longer
and 1 1/2" taller than the height of the can. Spread the glue on the container with a brush and press the wrapping paper around it. Leave 1/2" of the paper overhanging the bottom and 1" over the top. Trim the edge of the can properly.
Make small cuts along the top and bottom of the can. Spread some glue inside top and bottom edges of the can. Press the paper firmly over the top and bottom edges of the can. Then, cut a strip of poster board to make the handle of the basket. Cut a piece of ribbon the same length as the poster board and glue it on. Then glue the handle to the inside of the container and glue ribbon to the top edge of the container.
Willow Easter basket
Method: Firstly apply gold or silver spray paint over the entire basket and allow to dry thoroughly.
When the willow basket is dry, firmly place the sheet of wrapping tissue over the base of basket and work to fit up the sides. Arrange all personalized items in the basket as desired. Include the favorite photo you have chosen enclosed in the photo frame. Cover entire basket with cello wrap or stretch seal and glue ends closed.
Easter Basket
Easter Wallpapers

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