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Easter Calendar 2013

To know more on the varied aspects of Greek Easter calendar, we should first try to analyze the wide historical factors leading to the observance of Greek Easter celebrations. According to the background of Greek Easter calendar, before 325 CE, Christian communities celebrated Easter on varied dates in a specific the week; but the Council of Nicea, formed by Emperor Constantine issued an "Easter Rule" which regularized Easter observance to the first Sunday after the first full moon known as the paschal moon after the vernal equinox.
It was also stated that Quatrodecimens, a group of Christians in Asia Minor celebrated Easter on the 14th day of the Jewish month of Nisan, thus making Easter a Christian Passover.
However, itís seen that the Greek Orthodox Church do not always celebrate Easter like their Catholic and Protestant counterparts in different nations. Itís commonly seen that the Greek Easter religious calendar is based on the Julian calendar. Under this calendar, if one knows the Golden Number of the year, one can easily find out the actual date of Greek Easter. Itís also a matter of fact that Easter is connected in many ways with pagan rituals and indicates the arrival of spring.
The Greek Easter festive calendar is calculated by considering other factors such as the movement of ecclesiastical moons, paschal full moons, the astronomical equinox and the fixed equinox. Since Easter is a moveable feast, the unique Greek Easter calendar states that the actual date of Greek Easter may fall on varying dates. The controversy regarding the celebration of Easter is a subject of debate among certain intellectuals till today, but the zest of this celebration is alive and continues to spring many hopes and joy in the minds of many.
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