Easter Symbols

Easter is a Spring festival which has unusual number of symbols associated with it. Easter Symbols, as they are generally known, have a long history which often dates back to the religious and non-religious celebrations of Romans, Greek and many other early civilizations. There are many Easter Symbols that are full of significance and importance. Some of the Easter Symbols are mentioned here for your reference. Just check out:

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny is a very important symbol of this festival. It is believed that Easter Bunny or hare symbolizes moon. It is because of the fact that hare never closes its eyes for a single moment—hare never blinks its eyes, it is said. Moreover, Easter Bunny has its roots in the Anglo-Saxon Goddess called Eostre—who always carried her bunny along with her. In fact, this Easter Bunny was said to be first to lay colored eggs.

Easter Candles

Easter Candles are lighted on the occasion of Easter to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Hence, during this event, people with happy mood and ambience light Easter Candles in the churches for celebration—to usher in an altogether new life. Hence, the importance and significance of Easter Candles.

Easter Cross

Easter Cross is extremely significant for Christians. For the Christian community, Easter Cross is just like a Cross, which is the symbol of crucifixion of Christ. This Easter Cross reminds us of the pain and bloodshed of Jesus Christ which He had to undergo because of the sins committed by human beings.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs became the symbol of resurrection of Jesus Christ—rebirth of mankind. Christians embraced the Easter Egg and compared it to the tomb from which Christ resurrected. In fact, Easter Eggs are also exchanged as gifts among friends and relatives for the celebration of Easter.

Easter Lamb

Easter Lamb is a significant symbol of Easter celebrations throughout the world. Easter Lamb symbolized Christ with a flag of victory. This symbol is seen in every Central and Eastern European family. Lamb also forms the center of attraction of Easter dinner table. Importance of Lamb has its roots in the Jewish tradition of Pesah. Pasch Lamb was also very famous.

Easter Lily

Trumpet-shaped flower, Easter Lily is a fragrant flower, all in pure white. With this flower, people celebrate and enjoy the very essence of life as well as Easter. This flower is significant because it is said to have sprung from the place where the sweat of Jesus Christ fell. This flower is said to usher in the greater significance of new life—new blooms and new meaning for Easter.

Hot Cross Buns

Christians are in their high spirits during this occasion since this festival has a tremendous importance for them in their religious faith. It is celebrated and welcomed with lots of love and warmth and by feasting with scrumptious food. Easter Hot Cross Buns are typical Easter Specials/Symbols. The pastry on the top of the bun reminds us of the cross on which Lord Christ was crucified. Hence, this holds a great significance for all Christians.