Easter Puppet Plays

Puppet plays have been part of the Easter tradition since long. During the last decade or so, the art of Easter puppet plays have matured and developed to a standard high enough for inclusion in various Easter festive activities. It’s only during the last few centuries that puppet plays staged on Easter, came under the official control and regulations. Later on outstanding performances by Easter Puppet Play Groups were rewarded. The puppets are also elaborately dressed and numerous strings are attached to the marionettes so that they can be handled safely.

Popular Easter puppet plays are centered mainly on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday festive activities. Others include “The History of the World” by Dave Taylor where stories related to Nativity and factors that led to the origin of Easter are wonderfully illustrated and presented within a short duration of time.

Traditional Easter puppet plays are staged at every nook and corner of the major cities and towns across the world. Such kinds of plays are presented by professional artistes who conduct puppetries at different places of the world at different times of the year. Colorful Easter puppet plays in the form of horse puppets, shark puppets, fish puppets, octopus puppets and bird puppets are becoming significantly popular. Funny Easter puppet plays are usually a type of mock play where the Easter symbols like, Easter Bunny and Easter eggs are portrayed as comic caricatures, combined with intriguing storylines and plot characterization. Thus, Easter puppet plays are an inevitable part of Easter celebrations.

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