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Easter Play

‘Play is the beginning of knowledge’, this quote by an anonymous person aptly points out the importance of religious play which has been the part of every tradition since pre-historic times. Easter play are all about highlighting the different aspects of Christ’s teachings and they are also philosophical reviews of these pedagogies.The plays, figuratively termed as liturgical plays, seemed to have their origin in the Middle Ages, primarily as an important part of Roman Catholic tradition.
Various rituals were associated during the making and advent of Easter drama in the earlier days, especially prevalent in the countries of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, and England.
Significance of Easter plays lies in the fact that they are termed as ‘Passion play’ which begins with the depiction of the sufferings of Jesus, entire history of Redemption, coming of Tyrol and ends up with Jesus and his ‘Twelve Apostles’ sitting at the ‘Last Supper’. Some of the most popular Easter plays so far were ‘Frankfort Passion Play’ in 1467, the ‘Alsfelder’, and the ‘Friedberger’ in 1514, the Eger, the ‘Donaueschingen’, ‘Augsburg’, ‘Freising’ and ‘Lucerne Passion Plays’ in 1583, in which the whole drama, began with the creation of man and ended up with the coming of the Holy Ghost well placed and exhibited through songs and dialogues.
In countries like America, Spain, Brazil, Canada and Australia, Easter plays on streets as well as in famous amphitheatres are performed by major production houses located in various cities in the country. Easter play for children have a deeper importance, for they are presented in an attractive get up either through puppet shows or Easter quizzes, mainly to make the kids aware about the kaleidoscopic views centering on the feast of Easter through the ages. The various publishing houses also launch varied books, stories on Easter celebrations and tales about the significance of Easter play in the Christian community.

Thus, Easter Plays are still the part and parcel of Easter festivities. offers you interesting insights on Easter Play.
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