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Easter Cards
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How can you think about Easter without Easter Games? Where there are kids, there ought to be games! Easter Games are power-packed with energy and vitality. These games are loved by children. In fact, even elders also become little kiddish on any joyous occasion and love to participate with kids and teenagers in playing Easter Games online.

So, are you looking for some Easter holiday fun? We offer a list of games for you to choose from in order to make your festivity vibrant and more joyous.

Easter Outdoor Games

  • The most important Easter Game for Kids during this festive occasion is the Easter Egg Hunt Game. In fact, this is the Easter traditional game or fun activity for these little kids. All you need to do is just hide chocolate eggs or plastic eggs filled with chocolates and candies around the yard of the home, and then start the hunt. Just hide one golden egg in a difficult hiding place, and give a special prize to the person who finds that one.

  • Decorating and designing of Eggs is yet another Easter Game for Kids. They simply love these Easter sports. Even before the arrival of Easter, kids plan and make the Easter nest for the Easter Bunny to lay eggs. And then they decorate and color these eggs. In America, parents hide these decorated eggs in their backyard. The next morning the fun begins when these little kids have to search for these Easter eggs.

  • There are other active Easter Games for Kids like Relay Easter Egg Game. In this game, eggs are passed with spoons and finally who reaches the destination is declared as a winner.

  • Popular Easter games like, ‘Egg Shackling', ‘pace egging' and ‘egg rolling' are mainly played outdoors and enjoy an active local participation in every nook and corner of the major cities and towns of America and parts of Europe and Asia. It's traditionally believed that egg rolling is a symbolic game depicting the rolling away of stone at Jesus' grave. Various kid's crafts and games are held at local community clubs, the most popular one being the UN traditional Egg Easter roll held annually at National Zoo.

Easter Indoor Games

For indoors, Easter Games for Kids should be less rambunctious and less noisy. Easter Indoor Games are played inside the four walls of a house or in the backyard or in a garden. These Easter Indoor Games are really funny and interesting at the same time. Children and elders love to play these Easter Indoor Games together and make their Easter enjoyable. Moreover, all the games are associated with the customs and traditions of Easter like Easter Egg, bunnies, colors, flowers in addition to certain spring themes.

  • Easter Indoor Games can also be amazingly addictive ‘word games' that are really captivating and enthralling.

  • These spell binding Easter Indoor Games are also available in the form of CDs or DVDs. In fact, Computer Easter Indoor Games are too exciting to play. There can be more than one player and one player plays at a time. The player who scores high, wins the game.

  • There can be painting the crafts or drawing games.

  • There can be other blindfolded games like Pin the Bunny Tail—the most common game during Easter festivity. In this game, there is a crafted face of the bunny and the kids have to attach the tail at the right place.

  • Some of the Easter Indoor Games can include art and craft with Easter Eggs. These eggs are hard-boiled eggs. This competitive game is provided with colors, pipe cleaner stand, pom-poms, paper ears, and other things like scissors, glue and markers. You can make the little kids sit with these things and ask them to make whatever they can, animals, birds or bees. They can also color and decorate eggs or make mouse, bunny face etc. out of them. However, there is no winner. All of them should be given a gift after they finish doing their craft. This will keep them busy for hours while you can enjoy your celebration.

  • Apart from these, teenagers can play other Easter Indoor Games like cards, carom or dumb charades. These are clever games, full of endless challenge and fun interface to make you shockingly fascinated.

  • However, you must always remember that whatever Easter Game For Kid you choose; you should always arrange for some gifts and present them with awards.

To know more about Easter Games, click on the links below: offers you an insight into Easter Games. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up to play these traditional and modern Easter games. Happy Easter!
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