Easter Egg

Easter celebrates the arrival of the spring and the resurrection of the Christ.

If we have a close look at history then we will find that eggs have been exchanged as a token of friendship in various other cultures all over the world.Therefore, gift your pals Easter eggs wishing them wonderful times ahead. You can even gift personalized Easter eggs which they can always keep with themselves as a remembrance.

An Easter egg is decorated for the purpose of Easter celebrations.

  • Decorated Easter eggs are exchanged as gifts by friends, family and relatives.
  • Easter eggs are traditionally dyed in natural and food coloring.
  • In Germany, green Easter eggs were exchanged as gifts on Thursday.
  • There are a number of Easter egg patterns available for decorating Easter eggs. Some are traditional, while some are conventional. If your painting skills are not so excellent then try out an Easter egg wrap that will stick to your egg and beautify it.
  • You can even try making a living Easter egg wreath to hang at your doorstep.
  • Plastic Easter eggs would be very useful for this purpose as real eggs are fragile and hard boiled eggs are quite heavy.

  • For Easter egg stuffers it is recommended that you use plastic Easter eggs.

    Not only decorated Easter eggs, chocolate Easter eggs are also very popular as a gift item, especially in Britain. More than 80% of the revenue earned by the chocolate industry is through chocolate Easter eggs.

  • Chocolate Easter eggs can also be in the shape of a bunny rabbit.
  • An Easter bunny egg can also be made as a part of Easter craft to add more fun to the celebrations. Make Easter celebrations complete fun with Easter crafts and Easter games like Easter Egg Hunt.