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Easter Crafts for Teen

Spring has come and it is once again time to welcome the Easter season with open arms. Easter Sunday is not just an occasion to cheer but a fiesta filled with the hues of affection, devotion, care, respect and trust. Itís a day when people all across the globe commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus: a time for new life and rebirth. And as Easter is around the corner we want to give our loved ones a gift that says it all.
So come, letís see some simple and elegant Easter Crafts for Teens to make your loved ones smile with delight.

Cute Bunny Basket

Supplies Required:

Pink craft paint
Soup can
Paint brushes
Wax paper or newspaper
2 Wiggle eyes
Pink chenille stem
Pink pom pom
Eyelet flat lace
2 Oval Woodsies
Glue Stick

Method: Firstly wash and dry the soup can. Paint the soup can and the 4 Oval Woodsies with white paint. Let dry. Paint the middle side of the Oval Woodsies with pink paint. Keep aside and let the paint dry. Glue the wiggle eyes to make the bunny eyes. Then glue the pom pom for the nose on the bunny. With pink paint draw the mouth on the bunny. Glue on the bunny ears and the paws. With chenille stem make the handle of the basket. Stick the ends of the chenille stems to the inside of the can. Let the bunny basket dry completely.

Easter Cards

Supplies Required:

Pink Construction Paper
Crayons or Markers
Pom pom
Instructions: Cut 2 identical bunny shapes out of construction paper. Glue the pom pom and wiggle eyes on of the paper. Write 'To:' and 'From:' on one of the bunnies. Once you finish decorating your bunnies you need to stick them together. Spread glue along the undecorated sides of one of the bunnies. Do not put glue along the top. Press the other bunny onto the glued side and then match up the edges.

Dgreetings offers an insight into Easter Crafts for Teen.
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