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Easter Celebration Ideas

Easter Celebration Ideas
The Easter holiday season is a time to relax and celebrate with your friends and family. Get into the spirit of Easter by partaking in some of the classic traditions, attending Easter festivals and parties, and taking the time to decorate your home for the holiday.

Easter Festivals and Traditions
If you’re looking for Easter celebration ideas, you may enjoy some of the festivals and community events to be found in your area. Try these on for size.
Easter Festivals

Described here are three of the most popular public festivals that you can enjoy on Easter. 1. Annual Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival in New York City This famous parade is held every year in the Big Apple. If you’d like to check this out, head over to Fifth Avenue anytime between 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. on Easter Sunday.
You’ll get to see people dressed in a variety of Easter outfits, ranging from Civil War period costumes to the most stylish examples of modern fashion.
Such festivities are not to be missed! Easter on Parade in Richmond, Virginia This is a street festival organized on the historic Monument Avenue. You can have lots of fun taking in the live music, jugglers, clowns, and other performance artists. Get your face painted, take part in games, or just watch the parade and enjoy some of the delicious snacks that are available.

New Orleans Easter Sunday Parades
The French Quarter Parade in New Orleans starts at Arnuad's Restaurant and covers many streets in the famed district before ending in a march around Jackson Square. Those who wish to can then participate in Mass at St. Louis Cathedral, after which the parade loops around to return to its starting point. Another Easter event in the New Orleans community is the Chris Owens Easter Parade. Celebrations begin in the Astor Crowne Hotel Ballroom before moving along the entire French Quarter. Drop in early enough for a continental breakfast and other fun entertainments like the Hat Contest.

Celebrating Easter Traditions
Parties and events change every year, but there are certain traditions that will be present every Easter. It never gets old to commemorate the holiday with some of these classic celebrations.

Easter Egg Hunts:
Eggs are symbols of fertility and life, and are linked back to European pagan rituals that were held to welcome the coming of spring. Nowadays, eggs form a central part of all Easter celebrations. While it’s great to attend a famous Easter egg hunt like the one held on the White House Lawn in Washington, D.C., there’s plenty of excitement to be had in organizing one at home. On the night before Easter Sunday, place an Easter basket near your child’s bed with a plastic egg containing a clue. When he or she wakes up in the morning and finds the clue, it will point him or her in the direction of another egg, which holds the next clue. Several of these will eventually lead the child to uncover the location of their final Easter gift!

The Easter Bunny:

The concept of the Easter Hare or Easter Bunny originally traveled to America with immigrants from Germany. The Easter Bunny is said to provide holiday gifts to children in the same manner as Santa Claus. Bunnies or rabbits, like eggs, are a symbol of new life and herald the arrival of the spring season. There are countless ways that your children can have fun with the Easter Bunny. Let them create bunny-shaped decorations from paper, and hang them around the house. You might even be able to find a real “Easter Bunny” that the kids can greet at the local mall or community fair. And of course, the kind of Easter Bunny that they’ll appreciate the most is probably of the chocolate variety!

Easter Decorations
Easter is the perfect time to add color to your home. Spend some time decorating, and you can even give it a fresh new look altogether.

To start with, brightly-colored tablecloths and curtains will certainly help to create the festive spirit of the season. Get a few artificial Easter Bunnies from a local store and place them as centerpieces on your tables, or craft your own decorations, if so inclined. A basket full of colored eggs placed on your counter or coffee table will also inspire the feeling that spring has arrived, setting the perfect mood for Easter gatherings.

Another way to decorate your home is by creating an egg tree. Put a small tree branch on a stand and decorated it with colorful eggs made of paper or cloth. Festive ribbons or other tokens can add a touch of variety. You can place this egg tree in a corner of your living room, where it will surely add to the beauty of your home.

Add the freshness of spring to every room in your house by keeping brightly-colored flowers in baskets or vases. Alternatively, you can let your kids create paper daisies and display them on every surface—your kids can give themselves a pat on the back, and you get the benefit of flowers that will never wither.

There are lots of options for the outdoors, as well. Decorate your lawn and garden with colored eggs, flowers, and porcelain Easter Bunnies. This will help bring your festive mood out to the whole neighborhood.

Easter Recipes

The celebration of Easter Sunday would be incomplete without a delicious brunch or dinner. You can prepare a variety of cupcakes or sugar cookies to serve to your guests and send to your family members. Some of the great dishes that you could serve on this holiday include herb-roasted potatoes and pineapple-glazed ham, or you can experiment with something new like Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza.

Being together and participating in traditions on Easter strengthens the bonds you have with your kids, family members, and friends. So get into the Easter spirit and join the festive celebrations, one and all!
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