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Easter Candle

Easter is a Christian festival, though it has ancient pagan roots. This spring festival has many symbols associated with it that has very interesting meanings. Easter Bunny, Easter Egg and Easter Candle are few among these symbols. Easter Candles help believers to commemorate this festivity of rebirth and fertility called Easter. Since Easter Candles are important symbols for Easter, many symbolic interpretations are also associated with it.
Easter Candles are lighted on the occasion of Easter to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Hence, to commemorate this event, people with happy mood and ambience light Easter Candles in churches as part of their celebration. It depicts new life, free from all sins. In other words, these decorative Easter Candles are illuminated with faith, in order to bring Jesus Christ to life—to revive his existence! The Paschal Candles are the most famous candles. A Paschal Candle has engraving of cross on it, followed with Greek letters ‘alpha’ and ‘omega’ which signify the fact that ‘God is omnipresent’.
Easter is a very special time of the year, and candles are an important part of the Easter tradition. Moreover, not only the candle, but also the beeswax, wick and flame has a symbolism attached to it. The beeswax depicts the purity and wholesomeness of Jesus Christ; the wick is representation of human beings on this earth and the pure and glowing flame represents the divinity of one among God’s trinity, Jesus! Hence, the Easter Candles are symbols of renewal of life, the positive energy and vitality.

Besides being decorative items in your house, these luminaries serve as fantastic gifts on the occasion of Easter. With these Easter Candles, every family member and friend will illuminate his home and his life and bring in new life and new joys. These beautiful and aromatic candles are just perfect for Sunday gatherings and for offering prayers together. In fact, there are some Easter Candles that are non-melting—these are sturdy. These candles give you the message of being tolerant and patient infront of all difficulties. So, these Easter Candles, if presented as gifts, will last for a lifetime, not simply for a few hours! offers you a brief description on different kinds of Easter Candles. For more information, keep browsing the pages of this site.

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