Easter Bunny Facts

here are many Easter Bunny Facts that are really interesting to know. These Easter Bunny Facts can be shared with your family and friends on the lunch or dinner table. Moreover, here we have collected some of the amazing and interesting Easter Bunny Facts for you. Check out:

Easter Bunny Fact is related to rabbits, though earlier it was related to hares.

Easter Bunny is related to rabbits as they symbolize fertility and fruitfulness. The reason behind is that rabbits are said to reproduce very quickly. Moreover, as rabbits are similar to hares and are very common everywhere, Christians changed the symbol to the Easter Bunny.

  • Another Easter Bunny Fact is that Easter bunny was first connected with Easter eggs in the spring celebration in Germany.

  • During Easter, children make nests of leaves, moss, or grasses and place them in their yards or gardens. They believe that during the night the Easter Bunny would fill the nests with bright yellow, blue, green, and purpleŚcolored and decorated eggs.

  • In Texas, there is the German custom of burning Easter-eve fires. For this event, children are told that the Easter Bunny is burning wild flowers to make his dyes.

  • There is also a tradition of the Easter Bunny leaving a basket of treats filled with Easter eggs and chocolates on Easter Day. However, this tradition is common in America and not in Britain.

  • The tradition of Easter Egg hiding game was started in America. Parents of American children often hide eggs in the garden for children to find. Sometimes their children leave out carrots for the Easter Bunny too.

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