Cool Easter Games

Easter is one of the great festivals of the year. Easter marks the end of bleak and dry weather of winter. Not only does Easter ends winter, but it is also the end of Lent—the forty days observation—the time of preparation for Holy Week. During this week the entire Christendom recalls the events related to the crucifixion of Christ. Easter, the commemoration of Christ’s resurrection, is a time for fun and celebration. So, this Easter Spring Holiday season, enjoy the maximum with Cool Easter Games.

Easter is associated with many traditions, customs, folklore and traditional food. This festival is named after Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of spring and dawn. And most of the Christians celebrate this festive occasion to honor the resurrection of Lord Jesus.

As it is believed that Jesus was resurrected so as to grant an eternal life for His people, the festival is celebrated with much fervor, dedication, enthusiasm and zest. And hence, merrymakers throw grand Easter parties for their family and friends. With parties in mind, there are always many Cool Easter Games organized for the guests—for their entertainment and amusement. So, here’s your chance to bone up on all kinds of cool traditions and some of the Cool Easter Games too, some of which go back to thousands of years.

Are you planning to organize a party near a poolside? Well, if that is your idea and planning, there are ‘egg-cellent’, ‘egg-citing’ and Cool Easter Games for you too! The Cool Easter Games or water games, as you can call them, are really splashy and a complete fun. Moreover, it also helps children lose their fear of water as they underscore the relation between swimming and fun making! Any Cool Pool Easter Game requires more than six players. And yes, even adults can join these Cool Easter Games. The different Cool Easter Games that can be played are Fruit Hoops, Centipede Crawl, Freeze, Sharks and Jets, Scavenger Hunt, Brain Teasers or Ping Pong Scramble, to name a few. In the game Centipede Crawl, there are two teams which form separate lines in the deep end of the pool.

The strongest swimmer is always the lead. Now, each swimmer holds onto the ankle of his partner ahead with one hand, leaving his other arm free for strokes. The team which wiggles to the far end of the pool without breaking the chain becomes the winner. The other games are also very interesting and mind-boggling. However, before organizing these Cool Easter Games, the most important thing to be kept in mind is safety. You should always try to maintain a high adult-to-child ratio. The basic thumb rule should be that the younger the children, the more adult supervisors should be there. You should never allow diving and jumping into the pool; restrict the game to be played in water alone. offers you great and splendid Easter Games. For more information, keep browsing the pages of our website. Happy Easter and Happy browsing!