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Easter Egg Gifts

In ancient cultures eggs were a symbol of spring and re-birth. Bird’s eggs symbolized springtime hope. During spring festivals in early Greek, Persian, and Chinese cultures, eggs were exchanged as gifts and were considered auspicious. Some ancient cultures even had this belief that the world is created from a giant egg. When Christians adapted the festival of Easter celebrating the resurrection of the Christ, they also adapted various pagan symbols such as the egg and the bunny. Thus, Easter egg gifts also became a part of Christian rituals and the Easter egg stood for the tomb of Christ.
Faberge Easter Egg Gifts
Easter egg gift giving is an age old custom. There was even one point in history when lovers exchanged Easter eggs just as they exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day. Once the famous goldsmith, Faberge was asked by Alexander, the Czar of Russia to make a special Easter egg for his Queen Marie.
Faberge made an exquisite Easter egg whose outer shell was made of platinum and enameled white and inside it contained a gold egg which again opened to reveal a chicken and the imperial crown. He made total 57 such eggs.

The household accounts of Edward I reveal that he had ordered 450 real eggs to be colored and gold-plated to give away as Easter gifts. Eggs were forbidden during Lent, so they were given away as gifts, once lent was over.
Chocolate Easter Egg Gifts
The first chocolate eggs were made in France and Germany, and later by 1960s, chocolate Easter eggs became very popular as an Easter gift all over Europe. Chocolate Easter eggs can be solid as well as hollowed or filled with candies and other yummy stuff. After the invention of modern chocolate making process, it became easier to make hollowed chocolate Easter eggs. Chocolate Easter eggs are now so much popular in Britain that they cover over 80% of annual chocolate sales.

Handmade Chocolate Easter Egg Gift
You can even gift a handmade chocolate Easter egg gift filled with fruit truffles or chocolate fudge, to your dear ones. Some companies even deliver chocolate Easter egg gifts in beautiful handmade boxes tied with nice ribbons. For more interesting information on Easter egg keep surfing the pages of Dgreetings.
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