Earth Day

  • We human at times, tend to take our mother Earth for granted. Don’t’ we? Mother Earth has provided us with home, shelter, food and love. It is our duty to give her due respect so that she continues to provide her blessings for the safe keep of our existence. With this idea in mind, April 22 is celebrated across the globe as the Earth Day post 1992 Rio Declaration.The Declaration aimed to promote a balance between the economic social and environmental needs between the generations as it stands now and also in the future.
  • After a resolution passed by UN in the year 2009, International Earth  Day have been designed to be celebrated on April  22.
  • Observed by more than 192 countries all across the world, the day is celebrated by organizing fairs, speeches, lectures, dance and music events all intended to promote environmental sustainability. This year, the word is going to celebrate the 43rd Earth Day. 

Earth Day Activities

Earth and its purity seem to strike match with the spirit of innocence. It is this innocence that seems to be losing its charm with the passage of time, over globalization, technology de-forestation, pollution and many other factors Our Mother Earth seems to be undergoing a critical stage and is getting increasingly scraped off its natural beauty. So why not take this occasion of Earth Day (on April 22nd) to try and conserve our Mother Earth. Along with this, let’s make a resolution to follow the steps ardently so that we can enjoy the gifts of earth in all her bounty.

Take a hike: 

  • So join hands with friends, families and kids of your own or in and around your locality and take a trail down the lane to celebrate this special day dedicated more for us than for the world around us. After all, we are the benefactors.

Host an Earth-Friendly Picnic: 

  • Give a zing to your family's taste buds: Cooking is de-stressing. So use this occasion to call all your kid’s compatriots over a healthy and hearty meal churned out of organic ingredients. See then smack their lips as they ask for more servings.?

Plant something: 

  • Get your hands dirty and indulge in the pleasures of gardening . Plant seeds, water tress or even remove weeds. You can involve your children too. Make them feel responsible. Make them feel like a proud important member of the environment.?

Plant something

Keep your surroundings clean: 

  • If you are blesses with the little greeneries around your neighborhood, then you organize a plan to clean the park from al the unnecessary litter that tends to detract it from its natural lust beauty.?

Keep your surroundings clean

Feed Fine-Feathered Friends:

  • Give a little though to our feathered friends by making pine cones for them. Make it at hoe with some pine cone, string and lard. Hang out outside and welcome the entry of the innocent winged companions.?

Watch the magic of recycling: 

  • If you have been collecting a heap of papers, grocery bags and other stuffs worth recycling, then take this day as the opportunity to drop off these things to the nearby recyclable factory. Watch the recycling process as unused items get transformed into new objects of much utility.

  • Give your kids an additional edge to celebrate this Earth Day in a manner never thought of before.

Take a trial down the lane:

  • Take a small trip down the lane that leads up to the lakes and the trees. Involve your child in doing a little of exotic bird watching and watch him dance in glory as he tries to recollect the names from his science book.

Organise special Earth Day event:

  • Celebrate an evening party with (i) recycling games (ii)  dance and music to celebrate the spirit of Mother Earth (iii) arrange  a story telling session and watch their faces with rapt attention. 

Visit Local Zoo or Aquarium:

  • To spend a few hours outdoors, why not visit the zoo or the aquarium to help them get first hand knowledge about the creatures that they have only seen in pictures.


Build a Solar Oven:

  • Gather all your little men’s support to plan an exciting activity as making a solar oven. Though it will be a tough task to teach the concept of renewable energy to evolving brains, yet a first hand knowledge at creating a solar oven will help them get high ranks in their forthcoming science classes. 

Build a Solar Oven

History of Earth Day

  • The history behind the initiative of Earth Day goes back to 1969 when Time Magazine brought to light the picture of Cleveland Cuyahoga River which burnt as a result of oil slick.
  • Such a shocking photograph acted like a kick to enlighten peoples’ and politicians minds to pull up their socks  get together for the protection of Mother Earth. 
  • Geylord Nelson, Winconsin Senator having himself been a witness to a similar oil spill in California’s Santa Barbara region took ownership of the situation and organized a “national teach-in”. Nelson along with Pete McCloskey, organized a movement to prevent oil spill, air pollution, wilderness destruction toxic dumps, and help endangered species from extinction.
  • The first Earth Day was celebrated on 20th April, 1970. With a huge crowd to participate in the celebrations under the purview of Republican Mayor John Lindsey of New York, California witnessed the highest enthusiasm. 
  • It was only after a few years from then that he Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Environmental Protection Agency and Endangered Species Act saw the light of reality. 
  • Although Earth Day was initially observed once in ten years time, yet Senator Nelson along with the hand of help from Bruce Anderson, the prime organizer of Earth Day 1990, New Hampshire transformed this event into an annual affair for greater awareness and impact on peoples’ minds.
  • Earthday.Org established in 1995 helped to propagate the cause and consequences of preserving earth by reaching out every nook and corner via World Wide Web.

Earth Day Facts

The facts on Earth day are quite interesting and that is why all individuals across the globe should indulge in Earth day celebration for its betterment. 
  • The Earth will travel 1.6 million miles during its annual journey around the Sun. to mention specifically, the Earth will rotate around its axis for just once.
  • It is expected that the Sun will travel 13.5 million miles around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • The Sun the capacity to blend 51.8 billion tons of hydrogen into 51.5 billion tons of helium.
  • The portion of the sun’s energy captured by the Earth at the top of its atmosphere is 6000 trillion kilowatt-hours, which is approximately 600,000 times the quantity that Americans can consume in a single day.
  • The global population will grow by 211,000 people.
  • To your surprise around 40,000 acres of land (equal to the size of Boise, Idaho) will turn into desert.
  • Moreover, about 200 million tons of topsoil will get lost via erosion from croplands.
  • 50,000 acres of forest will get removed.
  • Around 20 and 500 species will fade away from the planet eternally.
  • It is also estimated that people will guzzle over 3 billion gallons of oil.
  • In the course of burning oil and other fossil fuels will result into the release of 70 million tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This slowly gradually put the temperature of the Earth in the upward direction.
  • To our surprise – around 3 million tons of iron ore, 575 thousand tons of tin, 330 thousand tons of bauxite, and 34 thousand tons of copper will be slashed off from the Earth.
  • To our dismay, 800 million people sleep hungry, to get up too weak for a productive life.
  • Chronic hunger, malnutrition will cause death for 18,000 children.
  • The world is slated to spend $3 billion on military expenditures; astonishingly half of this will be spent by only one country.
  • Research and development investment will be to the tune of $2 billion, resulting in the publication of 1,900 science and engineering articles and leading to the approval of 150 patents.
  • 4000 books will get published.
  • Pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools will teach 1.3 billion children.
  • Out of 97 billion e-mail messages that will be sent, over 40 billion will be spam.

Last Updated: 10th April,2017