Earth Day History

Earth Day was founded by Gaylord Nelson, a senator in the United States of America. Earth Day history - origin states that the idea, of this day was first suggested by John McDonnell in the year 1969 during a UNESCO conference on environment. Gaylord Nelson, the earth day founder was very concerned about global warming, along with other issues related to the environment; so he called for an environmental teach-in to be conducted on 22nd April, 1970. The purpose of this day was to promote awareness about the environment where more than 2000 universities and colleges took part.

  • Earth Day is celebrated all over, with an aim to implement various methods, through which we can sensibly use the resources of the earth for our requirements.

  • In various places, people are made aware about the grave danger, which our plant faces. It is an annual event,¬†where every year people come together and do something; by which they can contribute in making the earth a better place for all of us.

  • In many places, people switch off their lights for an hour on earth day and do their bit for the environment. According to earth day origins, the date 22nd April was chosen keeping in mind various factors.

  • This date happens to be the birthday, of several renowned personalities who were working for the environment.

  • A couple of environmentalists born on this day are Julius Sterling Morton Eddie Albert. This day was also chosen since this is the time where no religious festivals are celebrated; the weather was pretty decent and most students are likely to be in class and take part in this event.

  • Various earth day activities and events are organized on this day, in many educational institutes to encourage the youngsters to be a part of this goal to take care of the earth.¬†

Last Updated: 10th April,2017