Durga Aarti

Durga Aarti

मां अम्बे जी कि आरती

ॐ जय अम्बे गौरी, मैया जय श्यामा गौरी
तुम को निशदिन ध्यावत हरि ब्रह्मा शिवरी. ॐ जय अम्बे…

मांग सिंदूर विराजत टीको मृगमद को
उज्जवल से दो नैना चन्द्र बदन नीको. ॐ जय अम्बे…

कनक समान कलेवर रक्ताम्बर राजे
रक्त पुष्प दल माला कंठन पर साजे. ॐ जय अम्बे…

केहरि वाहन राजत खड़्ग खप्पर धारी
सुर-नर मुनिजन सेवत तिनके दुखहारी. ॐ जय अम्बे…

कानन कुण्डल शोभित नासग्रे मोती
कोटिक चन्द्र दिवाकर राजत सम ज्योति. ॐ जय अम्बे…

शुम्भ निशुम्भ विडारे महिषासुर धाती
धूम्र विलोचन नैना निशदिन मदमाती. ॐ जय अम्बे…

चण्ड – मुंड संहारे सोणित बीज हरे
मधु कैटभ दोऊ मारे सुर भयहीन करे.ॐ जय अम्बे…

ब्रह्माणी रुद्राणी तुम कमला रानी
आगम निगम बखानी तुम शिव पटरानी. ॐ जय अम्बे…

चौसठ योगिनी मंगल गावत नृत्य करत भैरु
बाजत ताल मृदंगा और बाजत डमरु. ॐ जय अम्बे…

तुम ही जग की माता तुम ही हो भर्ता
भक्तन की दुःख हरता सुख सम्पत्ति कर्ताॐ जय अम्बे…

भुजा चार अति शोभित वर मुद्रा धारी
मन वांछित फ़ल पावत सेवत नर-नारी. ॐ जय अम्बे…

कंचन थार विराजत अगर कपूर बाती
श्रीमालकेतु में राजत कोटि रत्न ज्योति. ॐ जय अम्बे…

श्री अम्बे जी की आरती जो कोई नर गावे
कहत शिवानंद स्वामी सुख संपत्ति पावे. ॐ जय अम्बे…

Jai Ambe Gauri Arti

Jai ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai shyaamaa Gauri
Nishadina tumako dhyaavata, hari brahma shivji,
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.

Maang sindur viraajat, tiko mriga madako
Ujjvalase dho nainaa, chandravadaniko
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.
Kanaka samaan kalevar, raktaambar raaje,
Raktapushpa galamaalaa, kantan par saaje,
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.

Kehari vaahana raajata, khadaga khappara dhaari,
Sura nara muni jana sevata, tinake dukha haari,
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.

Kaanana kundala shobhita, naasaagre moti
Kotika chandra divaakara, sam raajata jyoti,
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.

Shumbha Nishumbha vidaare, Mahishaasura ghaati
Dhuumra vilochana nainaa, nishidina madamaati
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri. Chanda munda samharo sonitha bheeja hare,
Madhu kaidabha dhou maare, sura bhaya heen kare,
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.

Brahmaanii rudraanii, tuma kamalaa raani
Aagama-nigama bakhaanii, tuma shiva pataraani,
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.

Chausatha yoginii gaavat, nritya karata bhairon,
Baajata taala mridanga, aur baajata damaruu,
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.

Tuma ho jaga kii maataa, tuma hii ho bhartaa,
Bhaktan ki dukha hartaa, sukha sampati kartaa,
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.

Bhujaa chaara ati shobhita, vara mudraa dhaari,
Mana vaanchita phala paavat, sevata nara naari,
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.

Kanchana thaala viraajata, agaru kapuura baatii
Mala ketu mein raajat, kotiratana jyotii
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.

Maa ambe ki aarti jo koi nar gawe,
Kahath Shivananda Swami, sukha sampathi pawe.
Bolo Jai Ambe Gauri.

Durga Aarti: A prayer to Goddess Durga

Durga Puja is an auspicious Hindu festival, dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga who is an avtaar of Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva. The day signifies the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishashura, an evil buffalo demon and witnesses devotees praying in temples and at home seeking her blessings. Though the festival is observed throughout the nation, it is celebrated on a grand scale in the state of West Bengal and by the Bengali community around the world. One of the spectacular highlights of the festival is the performance of the aartis. On Durga puja, the melodious sounds of priests chanting the mantras and the light scattered via the aarti plate adds a dint of spiritual bliss into the atmosphere. People also perform aartis at home in front of the idol of Goddess Durga.

The origin of aarti

The origin of aarti dates back to the vedic age and has been derived from the concept of fire rituals that were performed during those times. Basically aarti, which has descended from a Sanskrit word, signifies the removal of darkness. It is also said that in olden times priests would perform aarti to illuminate the idol of a deity that was installed in the inner sanctum of a temple. In those days, the inner sanctum was usually dark as there was no concept of electricity. The priest who would be singing hymns in praise of the lord would illuminate the idol by waving the lamp or aarti in front of it. This would enable the devotees to have a clear view of the deity. As centuries passed, this practice of waving the small lamp developed into an aarti, which became an integral part of the festival. With the development of electricity, the inner sanctums are fully electrified. However, even today aartis are fervently performed and a festival is meaningless if this activity is not performed.

Significance of the aarti

Aartis are a way for devotees to represent their love and devotion to God. It may also symbolize benevolence, gratitude and desires that a devotee may have. The wick, which is lighted and burns on plate that is offered to Goddess Durga, signifies that a devotee who is immersed in the worship of the Goddess is selflessly offering himself or herself in the service of Durga. All of us have egos, which if left uncontrolled can have harmless effects. Thus just like the wick, which slowly burns itself out, the devotee too asks God to eradicate his/her ego. Further aartis are symbolic of light and knowledge and dispel the darkness which is engulfing us.

The practice of Aarti

An aarti may be simple or elaborate but one aspect that is common is all aartis is the presence of a flame. Without an aarti no puja is complete. The priests, while singing hyms in praise of Goddess Durga, circulate the lamp around her idol. Following this, the priests circulate the lamp over the devotees as a mark of blessing. The devotees in turn place their hands on the spiritual flame and then run their hands over their face and heads as if to soak in the divine power.

Maa Durga Aarti

Translation of the above Durga aarti in English

Victory to mother Gauri,
Victory to the dark colored Gauri
who is being daily meditated by
Vishnu, Brahma, and Lord Shiva.
Say victory to mother Gauri.

With vermillion in your parting of hair,
made with musk from the deer…
You have two shining eyes
in your moon-like face.
Say victory to mother Gauri.

With the golden body color,
wearing blood-red silks…
Your neck is decorated by a necklace and
a garland of blood-red color flowers.
Say victory to mother Gauri.

You ride on the splendid lion,
and hold a sword and a skull in your hands…
And are served by devas, men, and sages
whose sorrows you drive away.
Say victory to mother Gauri.

You shine with ear studs on your ears,
and a pearl on the tip of your nose,
and shine like billions of suns and moons,
and create a great halo of radiance,
Say victory to mother Gauri.

Oh killer of Shumbha and Nishumbha,
Oh slayer of Mahishasura,
your eyes are dark with rage
on killing of Dhoomralochana.
Say victory to mother Gauri.
Oh killer of Chanda and Munda,
Oh killer of Raktha Bheeja,
you killed the twins, Madu and Kaidaba,
and drove away the fear of devas.
Say victory to mother Gauri.

You are Brahmani and Rudrani,
you are Goddess Lakshmi living on a lotus.
You are praised by Vedas and Shastras,
and you are the queen of Lord Shiva.
Say victory to mother Gauri.

Sixty four yoginis are singing…
Lord Bhairava is dancing…
The mrudanga is playing…
And also the big drum is playing.
Say victory to mother Gauri.

You are the mother of universe,
and you are the one who takes care of it.
You put an end to the sorrow of devotees,
and you are the one who gives pleasure and wealth.
Say victory to mother Gauri.

You have four glowing hands…
With one hand raised in blessing,
you fulfill all the desires of the mind
of those men and women who do your service.
Say victory to mother Gauri.

In the decorated plate which shines…
Are kept incenses like camphor and agarbattis.
When they are lit and placed before you,
they shine like billions of gems.
Say victory to mother Gauri.

Shivananda Swami tells you
that the man who sings this offering to mother
would get all pleasures and wealth.
Say victory to mother Gauri.

What is the benefit of chanting Durga Arti?

Arti is considered to be one of the most powerful mantras of divine power. It is capable of leaving a psychological and physiological effect on the one who listens to it. Durga Arti, which is chanted while worshipping goddess Durga is sang to seek her blessings. Arti leaves a positive impact on the brain. It helps in achieving peace when going to difficult phases in life. When one chants Durga Arti he/she gets power as Arti removes all kinds of fear which are hidden deep in the heart. It is the magical power of belief and hope which enables a person to gain confidence and do better in life. Chanting of Arti creates a positive aura and a person is able to leave all his problems behind when one worships Goddess Durga who bestows her blessings over people.

How to chant Durga Arti?

There are no specific methods to chant the Arti of Goddess Durga. However, it is really important to chant Arti correctly. All one needs to do is to pronounce the right vowels and consonants occurring in the Arti. A person should chant the Arti of Maa Durga with full belief which ultimately creates a positive ambiance around him/her.

A plate with a lighting diya, some sweets, roli, and some rice should be kept in a plate. It should be rotated clockwise and chanting of Aarti should simultaneously continue in orde to seek the blessings of the Goddess.


Last Updated: 19th September, 2018