Diwali Puja Thali

The colorful festival of Diwali is never complete without the array of Diwali greeting cards and the soft light of the Diwali diyas. Come together once more as the Diwali comes around, packed with Diwali day gifts, Diwali decorations and artistic Diwali lamps. Send gifts on this Diwali and wish all your loved ones a Happy Diwali!

The Diwali Pooja Thali is an important aspect of the entire festivities.

Not only is Diwali the most auspicious of all festivals, but also it is the most beautiful, what with all its intricate details. There are many traditions and customs associated with the Diwali festival, the spring-cleaning, the whitewashing, the diyas and the ritual Lakshmi Pooja.

As we follow all these customs we cannot but help think of Lord Rama who spent 14 years in exile and defeated evil at every juncture of his life. When he returned to Ayodhya after all those years, people were overjoyed beyond expectation and welcomed him with open arms and an open heart. Ever since Diwali has come to be celebrated on a dark Amavasya night and we make sure to do the special Ram Aarti at the end of the Lakshmi Pooja.

Decorating a Pooja-Thali during Diwali is an honor all kids argue to have, however after they are done messing around with it, it is usually sorted out again as the ladies get together before the Pooja.

They decorate their Thalis with immense love and patience as though the articles placed on that Thali are really an offering for the Gods. Decorating a Thali is a solemn affair and the correct way to do it is while immersed in deep meditation and thoughts of the Lord.

A Puja Thali is a plate, usually made out of copper or sometimes gold, that is used to keep all those accessories that are required during the worship of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Decorated Diwali Puja Thalis containing all the Puja accessories can be purchased from the market but the satisfaction and the pleasure of decorating this special Thali yourself is a divine feeling. The various accessories are placed decoratively on the Thali that the Ladies hold in both

their hands throughout the Puja. Thus the Puja Thali has special significance for the festival of Diwali in which the worship of Goddess Lakshmi is the main theme.

Puja Accessories
Indian prayers are not the usual affair of solace and peace. While those aspects are included, the worshipping is an exciting ritual. It is colorful and musical. Embellished with beautiful designs these Pooja Thalis helps one perform Dipavali Pooja with great style and grandeur The Puja Thali consists of Roli for tilak, Akshat (the rice grains), Ghanti (bell), a small Kalash filled with water, Kalava or mauli to tie around the wrist, Aarti-diya, dhoop, agarbatti, camphor, coconut, betel, betel leaves, sandalwood paste, candles, flowers, seasonal fruits and sweetmeats as prasad and silver or gold coins having image of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, Om, Swastika or Shree.