Diwali Diyas

Diwali, the festival of lights is known for its vibrant decorations,the joy, and the excitement it brings along with it. An important part of Diwali celebrations is the variety of diyas, candles, and electric lights that brighten one’s home and help create the festive mood for the occasion. 

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Types of Diwali Diyas

Diwali is celebrated on new moon night or Amavasya. But it looks like a full moon night or Purnima with the brilliant lights of colorful and decorative diyas.You can go for a variety of choices when it comes to choosing Diwali diyas that can adorn your home and make it look stunning.

Some of the varieties of diya that you may use on Diwali are mentioned below:

Clay Diyas:

  • These are the most traditional types of Diwali diyas. These diyas are painted in different colors and decorated with beads to make them look beautiful.

  • Fragrant dried flowers are used to decorate Diwali diyas. Embellishments like mirror work and zaris make the diyas look exciting indeed.

Clay diyas

Figure Diyas:

  • Figure diyas are created as a representation of Hindu gods and goddesses. These diyas may be colorful bowl lamps with sacred figures fixed to the bowl’s edge above the oil or these diyas may be shaped like holy figures with an oil-filled bowl held in their arms.

  • Figure diyas are mostly made of brass. The mythological figures may be golden or silver in color.

Figure Diyas

Terracotta Diyas:

  • Made of terracotta, these diyas are decorated beautifully with intricate bead ornamentation and acrylic paint designs.

  • Terracota diyas come in three-dimensional shapes and may be filled with wax instead of oil. These Diwali diyas often have the Swastika sign engraved on them.

  • Handmade terracotta diyas are highly popular. These diyas are available in vibrant colors and have fantastic artwork done on them. 

  • You may choose a set of six terracota diyas with three of them shaped like a pair of hands folded in the form of “Namashkar” and the other three structured like the ”Swastika” symbol. Artistic motifs and designs add to the look of such diyas.

Terracotta Diyas

White Metal Diyas:

  • Made of white metal, these diyas have different shapes and sizes. These diyas often come as a set of seven small earthen lamps and are embellished with three carvings of Lord Ganesha, the God of wealth and prosperity. They have enough space to hold the oil so that you can perform the “Seven batti” (meaning seven lamps) puja with it. 

White Metal Diyas

German Silver Diyas:

  • Diwali diyas made of German silver often have minakari work done on them. These diyas may be available in a set of five to six diyas, with one flower-shaped diya at the center and the others encircling it.

Matki Shaped Diyas:

  • Matki-shaped, wax-filled earthen lamps are the popular choices for Diwali diyas. These lamps are crafted with beads and pearls to make them look enchanting.

Matki Shaped Diyas

Designer Diyas:

  • Designer diyas with ethnic artwork are beautifully handcrafted with conch-shell patterns and floral motifs. Swastika rangolis and zariwork add to the beauty and grace of these diyas.

Designer Diyas

Hanging Diyas:

  • Handcrafted lantern-shaped diyas filled with wax are made of clay and painted all over to give them a bright and colorful look.

  • Hang these diyas anywhere in your home to add elegance to your Diwali celebrations. Alternatively, you may go for hanging mandir diyas which are earthen lamps decorated with kundan beads and filled with colored wax. Such diyas add a glow to your celebrations.

Ideas For Decorating Diwali Diyas

Below, you will find ideas to decorate diyas used on Diwali.

Bright colors: 

  • Diwali diyas look beautiful when painted in bright colors which make them look vibrant and attractive. Shades of bright pink, red, green, gold, and bright orange can make the lamps look brilliant.

    Diyas in contrasting colors will have a great visual impact and add to your decorations during Diwali. 

Attractive embellishments:

  • An interesting idea to decorate Diwali diyas is to create Hindu symbols like ‘Om’ and ‘Swastika’ on them. Metallic beads, sequins, and pieces of polished glass are the items that will give a festive look to the diyas. Glitters, mirror work, and small seashells are other decorative items for Diwali diyas.

  • An interesting idea to decorate your home with diyas is to create a table centerpiece with a set of diyas having carvings of Hindu deities like Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, Krishna, and Vishnu. These diyas are decorated with beautiful embellishments and marigold flowers.

Variety of shapes:

Diwali diyas come in a wide range of shapes. For instance, you may choose a set of rose-shaped diyas that come in red, blue, green, orange, and pink colors. The designs of the petals indeed make the lamps look beautiful. They are decorated with silver glitters to make them look stunning.

Diyas shaped like a panchmukh and decorated with golden glitters around their borders may be your ideal choice for the festive decorations. Star sequins and motifs make these diyas look extremely gorgeous. 

A diya made of brass and shaped like a kalash deep is one of the best choices for lighting your home during Diwali. Such lamps may have a peacock structure attached to them. They may have four floral burners to light up the kalash deep and add sparkle to your celebrations.

Another interesting idea is to create diyas shaped like the ‘Gaja Lakshmi’. Such diyas made of brass are available in the market. The beautiful carvings of Goddess Lakshmi, a lotus throne on which she is seated, and two elephants standing on two sides of the Goddess give the lamps a unique look.

Diya thalis:

Diwali diyas are available in a set of five to six lamps arranged beautifully with add-on items placed on a diya thali. The thali can be decorated with sequins, leaves, flowers, and small steel bowls of rice, roli, and karpur. You may find diya thalis made of cane, which include kalash diya along with flowers, leaves, small bowls of rice and supari, and a coconut.

Diya thalis

Diwali diyas come in the perfect blend of traditional and modern styles. So, bring joy to your homes with these wonderfully decorated diyas and enjoy the festive mood they bring along during Diwali celebrations.

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