Dhanteras 2013

Dhanteras marks the beginning of the Diwali festival. It is observed on the 13th lunar day of the dark fortnight (Krishna Paksha) in the month of Kartik. In 2013, this festival will be celebrated on 1st November 2013 Friday.

The word 'Dhanteras' has two words combined in it 'Dhan' meaning wealth and 'Teras' indicating the 13th day of the month of its celebration. This festival is also known as Dhantrayodashi.

Dhantrayodashi Puja

On this auspicious occasion, God Dhanwantri, Goddess Lakshmi and God Kuber are worshipped. Dhanwantri is considered to be the doctor of all gods. He was born on Dhan Trayodashi.

Aside from Dhanwantri, Kuber, and Lakshmi, Lord Yam Dev is worshipped on this day with the devotees offering a number of diyas to pay their homage to him. The devotees believe that Lord Yam Dev would stop premature death if they worship him on this day. After Yam Dev is worshipped, a lamp is lit and placed at the entrance of a house. The lamp is kept there for the whole night, and it should face south. You should put some coins and kodis into the lamp as part of the rituals observed on this occasion.

Puja Timings

The timings for Dhanteras puja are given below:

Pradosh Kal: This is the time period after sunset and

it spans 2 hours and 24 minutes. Deep Dan (placing lamps in front of Yam Dev) and Lakshmi Puja are the special highlights of this festive occasion.

Chaughadia Muhurat: Some of the auspicious timings suggested by astrologers for businessmen to perform a puja on Dhanteras 2013are:

Dhanteras Puja Muhurta = 18:35:24 to 20:19:11
Duration = 1 Hour 43 Mins
Pradosh Kaal = 17:44:54 to 20:19:11
Vrishabha Kaal = 18:35:24 to 20:33:26

Being a businessman, if you perform the puja on Labh Muhurat, then you may get more benefits. The Shubh Muhurat will help you acquire wealth and keep you in good health. It is believed that worshipping on Shubh Muhurat increases one's longevity. However, Amrit Muhurat is considered as the best time to perform the puja.

Special Features of Dhanteras Puja

Prior to starting the puja, you should light 13 lamps and arrange for flowers to worship Lord Kuber. Then you should offer your prayers by saying - I worship you Kuber, who sits on the best plane equal to Garudamani, holding mace in both hands and wearing a crown on head, dear friend of Lord Shiva.

After you chant these words, continue the puja with incense sticks and an offering of traditional sweets called 'Naivedya'. Then you should chant the following mantra:

Yakshay kuberay vaikshavanay dhan-dhanya adhipataye
Dhan dhanya samriddhi me dehi dapay swaha

Dhanteras Celebrations

This festival is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. People buy silver and gold coins,

new gifts, and jewelry on this occasion. They purchase seven varieties of cereals to perform a puja on this day. They buy silver idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha along with household items made of the same metal.

It is believed that buying silver items on this auspicious day increases their count by 13 times. People also purchase dried coriander seeds with the belief that keeping them in their house would bring them good luck and prosperity. They sow these seeds in their gardens and farms as these are the symbols of growth and prosperity.

Dhantrayodashi is considered as an auspicious occasion for businesses to start their new accounting year. Offices are renovated and decorated on this special occasion. Colorful rangolis are drawn on the entrance of business houses and residential homes as a special feature of the festive celebrations.

A Legend Associated With This Festival

There goes an ancient story about King Hima whose son was destined to die just four days after his marriage. The king tried hard to save his son from getting attracted to any lady. However, he could not stop the prince from getting married. After four days of the prince's marriage, Yamdoot came to take his life.

On seeing Yamdoot, the prince's wife started crying. Yamdoot requested Yam Dev to suggest a way by which they could save the life of the prince. Yam Dev told him that he should ask the prince to worship the former on the night of Trayodashi that falls on the Kartik Krishna Paksha. Yam Dev also suggested that any devotee worshipping him should light lamps facing the south direction. Since then, Lord Yam Dev has been worshipped on Dhantrayodashi with diyas and lights that are kept burning throughout the night.

Dhanteras is observed with a lot of gaiety and religious fervor. Celebrate this festive occasion with your dear ones by sending them warm wishes and exciting gifts. If you're looking forward to start a business venture, this is the right time to go for it. Above all, don't forget to offer your prayers to Goddess Lakshmi and seek her blessings on this auspicious occasion.