Diwali Door Hangings

Diwali is the most auspicious Indian festival and is celebrated with much pomp and pageantry. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Since it is the most popular festival on the Hindu calendar, the festivities go on for five continuous days. During this time, all Hindus decorate their houses extensively. One of the most significant decorative items are the ubiquitous Diwali hangings which are considered sacred by the Hindus. Check out these grand Diwali Door hangings.

Framed Ganesha- Siddhipriya

The exquisite porcelain image of Ganesha framed in a blue pottery panel is perfect to hang on the wall of home or office or even on a door. Bejeweled Ganesha seated on a bull is intricately carved. His trunk reaches for his favorite sweet, a modak in his left lower hand. The panel in blue pottery from Jaipur stands out for its blue and white floral motifs and imperviousness.

This ceramic panel is enclosed with a wooden frame to hold the unit intact. This elegant gift is appropriate as a Diwali gift, primarily because Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles is worshipped on this day and keeping his idol or painting around is considered a lucky charm.

Bandhanwar: Akshita

A Bandhanwar is a door hanging which is hung at the entrance of each house from one end of the door to the other, slightly above the average walking height. This is done, because not only does the Bandhanwar serve as a beautiful ethnic decoration but also it is supposed to ward away any evil that may venture at the entrance of your house. This 10-plate Bandhanwar is decorated with mirror work and lustrous danglers. The use of auspicious red and yellow colors makes it a preferred a home décor item on this festive occasion.

Bandhanwar: Manjula

The Bandhanwar in red beads and floral arrangements is embellished with danglers while the border on the top carries the golden images of Ganesha. Indeed a lovely home décor gift item. Hindus consider these lovely and ethnic door hangings extremely auspicious. Even in the metropolitan cities, one will find that most Hindu homes have some kind of a Bandhanwar hung at the entrance for their homes to ward away evil spirits. These Bandhanwars are specially hand crafted in the villages of Rajasthan and that reflects in their design and patterns. They are a craze with Indians settled abroad.


Chimes too are considered to be a lucky charm and are quiet popular as a Diwali gift. These delightful décor items can be hung on a door, a wall, but the best spot would undoubtedly be a wide French window. Chimes come in different colors and varieties, ranging from the ones which produce a shrilly-metallic noise to wooden ones which sound like the flutes of Lord Krishna. These wooden chimes would make a perfect Diwali gift because of the good luck associated with them, not to mention the soothing sound of their music.