Diwali Decorations

Diwali is the festive occasion when people decorate their homes with beautiful diyas, candles, colorful rangolis, and flowers so as to create the perfect ambience for their celebration.

Be it handcrafted items with ethnic art or attractive puja thalis, creativity is the key for such decorations.

Ideas for Diwali Decorations

Below, you’ll find ideas for decorations that will give a festive look to your home on Diwali.

Diwali diyas:

Diwali is known to be the festival of lights. So, diyas will obviously form a part of your home décor.

Diyas are small clay lamps with oil or ghee as the fuel. Instead of oil or ghee, wax is often used in brass and aluminum diyas. These colorful diyas come in various designs and have auspicious symbols like “Om” or Swastika” painted on them.

Diyas embellished with beads, sequins, minakari work, and traditional motifs are popular items for Diwali decorations. Multicolored flower-shaped diyas bordered with sequins and golden glitters can best adorn your home during this occasion. Panchmukhi floral diyas that have the idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha embedded on them can add a special touch to your decorations.

The best way to decorate your home with diyas is to arrange them along the steps of your home and surround them with flower petals for a stylish look.

Diwali candles and lanterns:
Aside from diyas, aromatic candles and lanterns known as ‘Aakash Kandil’ can also be used to adorn your home during Diwali. These candles not only illuminate your home but also create the perfect mood for the festive celebrations.

Floating candles kept in a glass pot filled with water and adorned with rose petals help brighten your home in an artistic manner. Floral candles decorated with glitters have an alluring charisma that adds to the beauty of your home.

One of the best ideas for Diwali decorations is to go for candles designed on mirrors and adorned with colored stones and glitters. They are the perfect items that add some more light and beauty to your home.

Diwali rangolis:

Rangolis made of rice flour paste, colored chalk, and crushed limestones are a great way to enhance the beauty of your homes during Diwali.

They are decorated with vermillion powder, flowers, and diyas. Some of the common rangoli themes used on Diwali are holy symbols like “Mangal Kalash”, “Swastikaa”, “Shree”, and a lighted deepak.

The figure of Goddess Lakshmi seated in a lotus is often depicted through rangolis. Figures of animals, geometrical patterns, and natural images like flowers and trees are included in such rangolis. To add a festive touch to these rangolis, you should place diyas and candles at certain positions.

Torans and wall hangings:
Attractive torans that come with mango leaves and marigold flowers are among those Diwali decorations that can give a fresh and bright look to your home. They are often used to decorate the entrance door. Torans embellished with beads, bells, and mirrors are fashionable items that help you adorn your home with style.

Wall hangings:
Beautiful wall hangings having images of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha add to your home décor during Diwali. They come with ethnic embroidery work and designer motifs which add more charm to your decorations. A graceful wall hanging having the image of Lord Ganesha made of white metal and decorated with shades of green and orange is an exotic piece of art that will give a special touch to your Diwali decorations.

Sculptures of Lakshmi and Ganesha:

Silver and brass sculptures of Lakshmi and Ganesha are popular items used for decorations on Diwali. They often come with an antique finish that adds to the beauty of your home.

Make your home look beautiful with garlands of colorful flowers like rose, lily, and jasmine. Fix the flowers along your stair handles which will look fantastic indeed. You may use a string of lights skillfully decorated with flowers in order to enhance the beauty of your home.

Diwali Puja Thali Decoration Ideas

Here are some ideas on how you may adorn the thalis used during Lakshmi Puja on Diwali.

Sunflower puja thali:
Follow the steps to decorate this kind of thali.

  • Paint a medium-sized thali with poster color. Use yellow color for the base of the thali.
  • Create floral designs along the side of the thali. Choose red and orange colors to paint the designs.
  • Draw a sunflower at the central part of the thali and paint it with lemon yellow color.
  • Apply orange color on the central part of the sunflower.
  • Make sure there is some space left between the central flower and the ones along the side of the thali.
  • Place some rose petals in the empty space.
  • Place a diya at the center of the sunflower and light it.
  • Place some rice and kumkum in small boxes kept on the rose petals.
This is how you can decorate a sunflower thali for Diwali puja.


Illuminated thali:
Here are some steps for Diwali decorations with an illuminated puja thali.

  • Cover a puja thali with bright colored satin cloth.
  • Stick a fancy lace along the border with the help of glue.
  • Decorate the thali with bits of mirrors and kundan stones of various colors and shapes.
  • Place an aromatic candle at the center of the thali.
The light of the candle will be reflected by the mirror, and this will not only add to beauty of the thali but also brighten the room where the puja is performed.


Puja thali with kumkum:
Below, you will get the steps for Diwali decorations with a puja thali including kumkum and other ingredients.

  • Apply ghee on a medium-sized steel thali.
  • Put some kumkum on the thali and sprinkle it all over.
  • Draw a “Swastika” sign at the centre of the thali.
  • Place a diya at the central part of the “Swastika” sign.
  • Place some flower petals on the thali.
  • Keep a bell, camphor, and some rice on the thali.
  • Light up the diya and brighten your Diwali celebrations.

Thali Decoration with Haldi and Roli
  • Spread some oil on a plain thali.
  • Put a certain amount of roli and haldi (turmeric) on the thali.
  • Move the thali in every direction so as to mix the haldi and roli.
  • Use a match stick to create some designs you prefer.
  • Put some glitters on the thali.
  • Place the puja accessories on the thali.
This is how you decorate a puja thali with roli and haldi.


Diwali is the best time to express your creativity by adorning your home with decorative rangolis, puja thalis, and handcrafted items. The ideas shared here will help you give an elegant look to your home with a range of bright and beautiful Diwali decorations.

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