Bhai Dooj Festival

In the ancient Aztec civilization, the discoverers of chocolate,

you could buy a slave for three coco beans! Then Columbus brought the beans to the French court, and the fame of the amazing aroma, and the delicious taste, spread far and wide. And this trend is spreading in India like wildfire. First of all chocolates are considered healthier to eat than sweetmeats, and the easy availability of quality products has made them the number one choice, particularly amongst the youngsters.
Ferrero Rocher Ė16
Mouth-watering chocolates in a crispy and crunchy hazelnut exterior are individually wrapped for that freshness. The smooth and creamy soft milk chocolate piece is just breathtaking for the chocoholics!

Gift this pack of exclusive Ferrero Rocher chocolate to your friends and relatives!.

Tiffin Cadbury Chocolates

A hit among the young and the old alike, this box contains biscuits that have been coated with chocolate. The ingredients used are milk chocolate, biscuit, milk solids, etc. These sinful delights are real popular with the kids thanks to the endless advertising campaigns propagated by the manufacturers. However, Diwali is one time when no one stops the kids from gorging on as many chocolates as they like.

So make a kidís day, gift him a box of these delectable treats this Diwali season.

Cadbury Cashew Magic
Cadbury chocolates offers flavors exclusively packed in airtight tin boxes for that extra freshness. Cashew Magic Chocolate has candied cashews bits enrobed in crunchy chocolate. These chocolates are perfect for those of us who love chocolates but not the kind that is too sweet. These cashew nutties have a subtle hint of sweet with the smashing taste of cashew nuts, just perfect to tuck into on a festival day. It is a perfect gift for this festival of lights - Deepavali for your loved ones!

Cadbury Nut Butter Scotch
Cadbury chocolates offer the flavors, which are exclusively packed in airtight tin boxes. These chocolates have candied cashews bits enrobed in them which make them all the more delicious. These chocolates are difficult to resist and can be perfect gifts for all your loved ones.

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