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Cousin Day 2015

Cousin's Day Cards
Cousin Day Cousin Day Cousin Day Cousin Day
The Cousin Day is that important event when you convey warm wishes to your cousins and do something special to show that they are indeed important. It is celebrated every year on July 24. If you too would like to celebrate the Cousin Day (or Cousinís Day), plan early so that you have a great time enjoying with each other.

How Can You Celebrate the Cousin Day?

Get ideas on how to enjoy the Cousinís Day or National Cousins Day with your dear cousins and family members.

Have a Family Picnic on the Cousin Day

Plan a family picnic or outing with your cousins and other family members. If you love the beach, you may organize a beach picnic with your cousins.

A beach picnic is a relaxing way to enjoy the sun, beach, and get spectacular views of the sea. Itís good to take the food and soft drinks along with you. Also, arrange for some games so that your cousins will enjoy and have fun during the picnic. There can be some music to add to your Cousinís Day celebrations.

Offer Gifts and Cards to Your Cousins

One of the best ways to celebrate the Cousin Day is to make your dear cousins feel special by offering a gift that they would really appreciate. Below, you will find ideas on what gifts can be offered on the National Cousinís Day.

Magnetic snowflake cardholder: Gift your cousins a magnetic snowflake cardholder where they can display any card they may receive on any occasion. They may also keep photos in the cardholder. Usually, these cardholders are made of stainless steel, and mini snowflake magnets are sprinkled on them. The cardholders are often decorated with embellishments to make them look elegant.

Gift baskets for your cousins: Gift baskets are one of the best gifts that can be offered to your cousins on the Cousin Day. These baskets come with a variety of items like candies, chocolates, and tea or coffee packs. You may choose such baskets depending upon the likes and dislikes of your cousins. There are gift baskets that come with an assortment of ice cream toppings, caramel sauce, hot fudge, and sauces. You may choose such a gift basket to offer something exciting to your cousins.

If your cousins are quite health conscious, get them a gift basket full of healthy gourmets and fresh fruits. Gourmet food baskets usually come with low-calorie food and heart-healthy recipes like raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip, healthy trail mix, cheddar cheese, and peanut butter. Fresh fruit baskets having apples, oranges, and pears are a good option when it comes to gifting your cousins on the Cousin Day.

Gifts related to your cousinsí hobbies: If youíre aware of your cousinsí hobbies, you may gift them presents associated with their favorite hobbies. For example, a set of sports equipments or a collection of gardening tools can make your cousins happy if they indeed love to play or indulge in gardening.

Lucky horseshoe plaque: The horseshoe plaque is an interesting gift idea for the Cousin Day. Thatís because itís a sign of good luck and prosperity. The horseshoe plaques are usually created from the fusion of iron and fire, and they are said to have powers as well. You can also have your cousinsí names engraved on the plaque.

Cousin Day e-cards: The Cousin Day e-cards have various images and texts, and they can help you send warm wishes to your cousins faster. So, check out the Cousin Day cards available here and use them to convey good wishes to your cousins.

Recipes You May Prepare for Cousinís Day Party

On the Cousin Day, you can invite your cousins for a party. Arrange for exciting snacks, recipes, and drinks so as to help your cousins celebrate with joy. Some of the snacks you may include in your party menu are potato chips, nuts, and pretzels. Tortilla chips and popcorn can also be a part of the menu. Whatever be the theme of your party, these snacks will just keep your party going on!

Some of the interesting recipes you can include in your party menu are spicy chicken kebabs, chicken skewers with satay dip, and smoked mackerel dip. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, cheese straws, pecan cheesecake pie, and strawberry shortcake are the dessert items that can be included in your party menu.

The drinks that you may have in your Cousin Day party are fuzzy navel, apple pie martini, and butterscotch martini. Hereís how you can prepare the drinks.

Fuzzy navel: This Cousinís Day drink can be prepared by combining orange juice (2 parts), peach schnapps (1 part), and vodka (1 part) in a pitcher. The drink is then served with ice.

Apple pie martini: To prepare this recipe, youíll need to mix 1 and 1/2 part of vanilla liqueur with 1 part of vodka. Then you should add 2 parts of apple cider and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. All you have to do is shake the mixture of these ingredients with ice and serve it with lime.

Butterscotch martini: Such a drink can be prepared by combining 1 and 1/2 oz of vanilla vodka and 2 and 1/2 oz of Butterscotch schnapps. Shake the mixture with ice and serve it in martini glass.

Cousin Day is the day of celebrations with your cousins. So, try doing things that are sure to delight them on this special day.