Letter From Santa

Letter from Santa

Dear Kimberly,
Hope you are doing great !
I know just how much you love ballet-dancing my child, and I also that you want to become a world famous ballet dancer when you grow up. I understand you put in hours of patient practice at ballet-class and that your teacher and family are so proud of your talent. That's wonderful !

For Christmas, I will be sending you a beautiful snow-white silk ballet costume, just like the one worn in the famous ballet The Swan Lake. I hope it fits you :) 

Do keep up the dedicated practice as your talent will take you far my child,
God Bless You Always,

Love Santa

Letter from Santa

Dear Sarah,
Hello there my child! 
I was so glad to get your letter, my child you do have such lovely handwriting !
let me share a secret ...I do enjoy reading those letters more which are written in neat handwriting ;)
Maybe this is also why I remembered to get you your gift before hand ....Books are so close to my heart , ho ho ho!
I can see you enjoy reading them as much as I do, and Fairy Tales are your favorite!
I will get you 12 story books in all, one for each month of the year !
Love, Santa.

Letter from Santa

Dear Jack,
Hey, How have you been
little kid! Christmas time is almost
around the corner, and
Like most kids you also
must have a wish-list in
your mind.
This Christmas I will be
making arrangements for
granting you your heart’s
desire in the from of something
furry, soft and fluffy With bright eyes and a
shiny nose! Yes, you guessed right.
You will be having a pet
puppy for Christmas at
Last! You know why, because
you have been a good boy.
So now you are fit to be
the proud owner of a
puppy, do take very good
care of it.

Love, Santa.

Last Updated: 1st December, 2017

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