Christmas Celebration in Spain

Christmas celebration in Spain is unique. The first experience you will get that Christmas in Spain is not a huge festival like the western countries. Rather the Christmas celebration have a very homely touch. Christmas trees are decorated in every home. Another thing is common in every houses that intricate, miniature of nativity scenes known as Beléne which depicts life in the village where Jesus was born. The Belén always include the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph as well as the Three Kings, Balthazar, Melchior and Gaspar.

Christmas celebration in Spain is not only celebrated in one day but the through whole month of December and the first week of January.

December 8th - This is the public holiday of Immaculada which marks the beginning of the Christmas celebrations. 21st December – Its day of the winter solstice and they celebrate the day through bonfire.

22nd December – This is particularly lottery day in Spain. There are lot of prizes given on that day.

24th December – Nochebuena, Spanish version of Christmas Eve, means goodnight. It is the most important family gathering of the year. Everybody returns home to enjoy a meal with the family. The typical Spanish Christmas meal includes prawn starters followed by roast lamb and ended with Christmas sweet called turrón which is a nougat made of toasted sweet almonds and of course with Spanish wine.

25th December – Christmas day is quite calm in Spain. The main present giving ritual is on 6th January.

28th December - This is the day of Santos Inocentes (Holy Innocents) and it is something like the April fool day. People day practical jocks and pranks on others.

31st December - New Year's Eve is called NocheVieja. For good luck the traditional custom is to eat 12 grapes at one stroke in the midnight. It is a big celebration all over the country with street parties and special nights in hotels and clubs everywhere.

1st January – The new year is celebrated.

5th January - There are processions all over Spain this evening where sweets are thrown from the floats to all the people who come out to watch. Every town has its own variation such as in the Sierra Nevada where the Three Kings can be seen to ski down to the village. 6th January – After the Christmas celebration in Spain this is another most important day of celebration. The Feast of the Epiphany is the day when the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem. For Spanish children this day is main gift-getting day from the Three King. Santa may leave them a small gift on 25th. will like to share more information on the related topic.
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