Christmas Celebration in Malaysia

Malaysia has its unique style of celebrating Christmas. Christmas trees are put up by the Christians at their homes one or two weeks before Christmas. All the shopping malls of Malaysia put up with lights and decoration and welcome Christmas, the festival of joy and merry making, with much fervor and enthusiasm. The practice of singing Christmas carols for this very special occasion begins in the middle of December with the carolers going around from house to house one week before Christmas in their respective zones. Along with the carolers there is also a person dressed as Santa Claus who gives out sweets to the children. Christians dress up in new clothes and visit the church for participating in the midnight mass on the eve of Christmas.

Before the beginning of the midnight mass, sketches or plays enacted by children take place along with the singing of Christmas carols.

After the midnight mass service, people greet each other Merry Christmas. It is a part of the tradition to say a short prayer before doing anything else in most of the Christian houses in Malaysia. After the prayer is over at the church people generally have wine and fruit cake and after this gifts are exchanged along with snapping photographs and opening of the gifts.

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