Preschool Christmas Plays

Christmas is a great time. There's so much joy in the air, and particularly for the kids its like being in wonderland. Everywhere they go there is candy and for once no one tells them off for eating it till they are sick. Moreover, everything is lit up in manner of a magical party and the added excitement of Santa Claus and Christmas gifts is enough to make these kids wish it was Christmas all the time, all year round. One of the most endearing practices of Christmas has been the organizing of small pre-school Christmas plays and skits, it's a real joy to see these kids barely 4 years of age on stage trying to grasp the true meaning of Christmas.

Getting a bunch pre-schoolers to perform on stage can be quiet a task. Usually they are not in the least affected by stage fright and can do the sweetest of things on stage, only problem is don't expect them to do everything you want them to do. For kids have a mind of their own, just decorate the stage nicely in manner of Christmas and have a little talk to them before they get on to stage explaining to them what they ought to do, in a gentle way so it sounds more like a suggestion than an order. Here are some ideas for preschool Christmas plays.

Let's Dress Up For Christmas

This wonderful Christmas musical really brings out the best in kids giving them a chance to put up a presentation simples rhymes that they can memorize very easily. Add to the rhymes a wonderful array of the kid's favorite Christmas songs and it's a performance that the kids are sure to enjoy as much as anyone else. What really gets the kids going is the fact that they have to dress up as shepherds, musicians, angels and animals. The Preschool Christmas play script comes with 10 original rhymes. The Christmas songs can be played live or recorded whatever is more convenient.

Someone Has A Birthday

This is a truly wonderful Preschool Christmas play where the kids have an awesome time performing it. They sing song and gather around the manger in manner of a party to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. They dress up as various different characters, primarily the shepherds who clean shed for the part, the angels who are responsible for handing out the invitations and the three wise men who carry gifts for Baby Jesus. The three wise men follow the star of Bethlehem to the shed where the party is being held because somebody has a birthday!

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