40th Birthday Cards

Turning 40 is a big occasion, so make sure you celebrate and bring a smile on your loved ones face by sending a 40th Birthday greeting cards from dgreetings.

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  • 40th Birthday Cards

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    Luck and time be yours
    May happiness come knocking at your door
    On a day so special
    I send you my wishes warm and gentle
    Happy 40th birthday.
    You're 40 today, with God's grace
    And you still look young and fresh
    sending on this special day,
    My warm wishes to fill up this year with
    Joy,cheer and happiness.
    Here's to being older and wiser than you once were, and giving all of the best advice to young'uns who won't listen. Happy 40th Birthday!
    To someone who has always been an inspiration to those around them. Seriously, who else could be 40 and still be so fabulous? Happy 40th Birthday!
    Some people are like a fine wine, they only get better with age. You're definitely a wine kinda! Happy 40th Birthday!
    I'm so much happier to hear that you're over the hill instead of under it. Best Wishes! Happy 40th Birthday
    Here's to being old enough to know better, young enough to do it, and too old to care whether you should or should not! Happy 40th Birthday!
    Are you really 40? Gosh, I hope the next 40 are as much fun! Happy 40th birthday!