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Teenager Birthday Party Ideas

If youíre planning a birthday party for your teenage daughter or son, ask them what they actually want for the party. This will help you decide upon the things youíd like to include in the party and the way youíll plan the celebrations. Read on to get teenage birthday party ideas for boys and girls.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Find some ideas on how to organize your teenage sonís birthday party.

Just divide the children in different teams and give them a list of items to collect. The team that gathers all the required items faster than others gets declared as the winner.

Paint balling theme: A paintball party is one of the most fun-filled teen birthday party ideas for boys. Paintballing basically means war with paint. If youíd like to make the party a success, invite some of your sonís friends and let them run around the paintball field and hide each otherís paint bullets.

A scavenger hunt party: One of the teenager birthday party ideas for boys is a scavenger hunt party. Such a party can be held at your home or an outdoor venue such as an amusement park or a theme park. This is where your son and his friends can indulge in fun games as well as participate in the scavenger hunt. Once the hunt is over, you can take the children to a pizza party. Thatís how you can celebrate your sonís birthday in a unique way.

Bonfire party: If you can find an area where youíll get to create a bonfire, you may organize a bonfire party for your teenager son. Make sure you get some snacks, roast hotdogs, and arrange for some soft drinks for the teenagers to have a bash! Play some music which your son will appreciate, and let the guests dance along while they enjoy the birthday party. Marshmallows, popcorn, chocolate bars, peanuts, and candies are the best teenager birthday party ideas for the food menu.
Halloween themed party: Just in case your teenager sonís birthday takes place during the fall, you can go for the Halloween theme. You can create a haunted maze in your backyard or an outdoor party venue for your son and his friends to participate in an evening party. They should come in fancy dresses that are based on the theme of the Halloween. A Halloween themed party is just the perfect way to organize a costume contest and offer special prizes to those who come in the best dress and the weirdest makeover.
Movie theme party: One of the most popular teenage birthday party ideas for boys is a movie theme party. Arrange for your sonís favorite movies and if possible, let him enjoy the movies (with his friends) on a projector screen, over a popcorn and snack party.

Teenager Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Here are some teenage birthday celebration ideas for girls.

Cooking party: If your daughter and her friends enjoy cooking, let them spend some time in the kitchen and make recipes theyíd love to eat. Let the children plan the recipes and look after the food decorations as well. Of course, youíll be there to guide them but let them take the initiative and have fun on your daughterís most important day.
Cruise party: Invite your dear ones and your daughterís friends over a cruise lunch or dinner party and let them enjoy the scenery with the celebrations. Place orders for your daughterís favorite food items and let her dance along with others, thus having a perfect birthday bash! You may decorate the cruise with balloons, streamers, confetti, and paper lanterns (if the party is held in the evening) so as to create the perfect ambience for the birthday party.
Girlsí night out party: A girlsí night out party is one of the interesting teenager birthday party ideas you may want to use. If youíre planning such a party, rent two hotel rooms Ė one for yourself and the other for your daughter and some of her friends. Decorate their room with banners, balloons, streamers, sparkling glitters and confetti thatíll add to its beauty. Let your daughter stay up late at night dancing, playing games, and gossiping with her friends. The purpose is to give the girls a chance to have a blast so that the teenager birthday party becomes a memorable celebration indeed!

Other Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some more teenager birthday party ideas that can help your son or daughter have a memorable celebration.

Party food: Depending upon the theme of the birthday party, you may plan the menu so that everyone gets to enjoy the party. Generally, a teenage birthday party menu includes chips, cookies, cakes, and gourmet food. If itís a barbecue, you should include barbecue chicken, hotdogs, and hamburgers.

As for the dessert, you can have cakes, ice-creams, and strawberries dipped in chocolates. A chocolate fondue is one of the most popular teenager birthday party food items, and your teen may love to have it! Just in case itís a poolside party, you may include food items like shredded cheese and chicken, salsa, pizza and sausage.

Party and cake decorations: You should decorate the party venue depending upon the theme youíve chosen for the celebrations. For example, if itís a poolside or beach party, use mylar balloons for the decorations. As for the table decorations, use confetti and sea shells which will make the tables look as perfect as you want.

Just in case youíve planned a bonfire party, cover the table with red colored tablecloth having checks. Use napkins with a bandana design and red and white plates to match the tablecloth. For bonfire parties, western style lanterns can be hung from trees to decorate the party venue. Lawn chairs and logs can be kept near the bonfire so as to help the guests get seated.

Among the most popular teenager birthday party ideas, using cake flavors like red velvet with creamed frosting or a carrot cake is indeed an exciting one! Fruit pizzas with cream frosting are often used as the dessert item. In case of a poolside or beach party, you may have a sheet cake and apply white frosting on it. Use a toothpick to create a pool over the birthday cake. Just fill the pool with blue icing. If youíre using cupcakes, cover them with tan frosting and top them off with candies, a plastic teddy bear or an umbrella.

Party favors: One of the most interesting teenager birthday party ideas is to gift party favors to your guests for having attended the celebrations. Coupons and gift certificates to a CD store or a video game store are popular party favors for boys. Candies, chocolates, and cookies are exciting party favors for teenager girls. For adults, sunglasses and floral gifts can serve as the ideal party favors.

These are some of the interesting teen birthday party ideas you may use so as to bring fun and enjoyment in your teenís life on his/her birthday.


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