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Short Birthday Poems cards

You're always very special
You're always very special
And you should know today
That you are wished the nicest things
That life can bring your way
Like warm and loving wishes
And happiness and cheer
And everything you need to start
Another happy year

This brings a wish for all
This brings a wish for all
The best a day and year
Can bring, for someone
Who should always have
The best of everything!
Have a Happy Birthday
And a wonderful year!

Short Birthday Poems cards

This special Birthday
This special
Birthday greeting
Is being sent your way,
With many happy wishes
For a truly perfect day
Happy Birthday

A Wonderful Person
You're a wonderful person
and a special friend
You deserve all the best
that life has to give.

Short Birthday Poems cards

Special Birthday
What's so special about a birthday?
Is it the age?
The surprises and gifts?
The laughing and celebrating
with family and friends?

On this special day
Because, today is a very special day
Simply sending a birthday with, wouldn't do
So, here's wishing you happy moments
A day when all your dreams come true
And, a year that means most to you!

Short Birthday Poems cards

Loving and Caring
You are God's gift to us from above
So loving and caring
Someone who touches each life she enters
Beaming bright joy on everyone you meet
May the love you have shared with others
Return to you multiplied
I wish you many many more
happiest of Birthdays!

Thinking of the Times
Thinking of the times
we spent together
brings a sweet smile
on my face!
Happy Birthday
to a special friend
who will always
remain in my heart

Short Birthday Poems cards

Make a Wish
Make a wish on birthday
make a wish and give it wings
dreams of bright and beautiful things
dance through all the fun filled hours
don't forget to smell the flowers
share some love and birthday cake
all life joys are yours to take
and when evening comes to view
thanks your lucky stars you're you

You Are Extra Special
As you are extra special
and today is your birthday
one wish doesn't seems to be enough...
so, here's wishing you twice
hoping your birthday to be wonderful
in all special ways
Happy Birthday!

May Your Birthday
May your birthday be bright,
from morning till night...
as years come and go,
may things turn nicer than ever before...
may all your dreams be fulfilled and
your happiness grow manifold
Happy Birthday to you!