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Scorpio Birthday Horoscope

Scorpio Birthday Cards
Birthday CardBirthday CardBirthday CardBirthday Card
Seventh Zodiac sign…. BEWARE!! It might sting you…this is just how a Scorpio is defined. With its phase extending from 23rd October to 20th November, Scorpio is one of the most dominating Zodiac signs. A Scorpion can be as steadfast as he is powerful. But this quality of theirs can even culminate into their possessiveness. This would bring out the worst in them thereby creating gross problems for them.

Scorpions, also, are known to have charismatic personality, which attracts everyone to them. Besides their authoritarian nature makes them great leaders. Little wonder, why the Scorpions outshine the others.

Read on, to further know about the Scorpio sun sign:
Traits of a Scorpio person:

Dominant: This is one of the Scorpion's most evident traits of all.

Their powerfulness makes them rise above the rest. Hence, making them of a domineering genre.
Vindictive: Scorpions might make the best of buddies, but don't dare to mess with them. They might give you the worst of your life. Very strongly believing in ‘tit for tat', the scorpions should be handled with care.

Magnetic: A scorpion personality is such that everyone they meet gets enticed by them. Their enigmatic persona has always brought them opportunities that have worked in their best favor. This is also the reason, why Scorpions think so much great of themselves.

Temperamental: If for a second they laugh, in other second they might just end up giving cold stares. But largely, their mood swings depend on their fixation to anything.

This mannerism of theirs, make the others around, uncomfortable to mingle with them.

Strong-minded: The Scorpions have a determined will, which makes them achieve anything they set their heart on. Criticism and failures do not affect their mental strength. And Scorpions never shy away from working hard to achieve success.

Know Your Scorpio:

Problem 1: A troublesome love life.

Solution: Scorpions should learn to be benign and easygoing in a relationship. They should realize that things would not always go be their way. When in a relationship, it is important to give ones partner an equal footing. Dominating does not necessarily make one great.

Problem 2: Close friends maintain a distance at times.

Solution: Although very appealing, the Scorpions at times can be so full of disappointment and misery that it begins to bother their friends. Scorpion needs to be prudent enough to first think and then behave. The problem is when their own insecurities begin to rub on others around them.

Problem 3: When the feeling of self-doubt begins to settle in, seeking help from others seems silly.

Solution: Scorpions have a great deal of problem showing off the insecurities. They tend to forget that all humans have to deal with anxiety. Perhaps, this is why they find it infra-dig to approach people for a favor. Confiding in others and seeking their help will not make them any small.

Problem 4: Having their own way, does not always make them happy.

Solution: This happens because Scorpions jump at things without even knowing what they want. Scorpions need to know what is it that would make them feel good. They should realize that their happiness comes from doing certain things that are of interest to them. And not just go about doing everything.

Lucky Stone: Topaz. This stone protects the Scorpions from evil powers and brings good luck.
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